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Undecided: Which diets have you tried and what did you think?

I'm nosing round at other diets cos I'm growing alarmingly at the moment and not allowed to return to SS like LT or CD for at least another month. Wondering what other diets others have tried? What did you think and how did you get on? A good collection of info here could help others decide what to try too.

I may be hoping for a miracle.... but using the fitbug diet-bit I'm sticking to the calories they say and growing!!! So I need something different. Tried SW in January and it frustrated me that my fav breads weren't allowed... even granary and multi-seed which I always thought as of healthy? I do need something that will work out for me how I'm doing... but with plenty of choice. I hate the sort that tells you what to eat when! I find it helpful if I can input and save my recipes too as I love cooking. I also love fruit now... since doing LT and CD last year changed my tastebuds. I think GI restricts fruit but I'm not sure? Also we do enjoy eating out once a week. Hmmmm.... Sorry to make it so complicated... it does look like I want miracles doesn't it? If there was something that fitted the bill that I could stick to for life.......?
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Hi Lesley
What about the unit diet as that is similar to ww but it goes on units and this is how it works .
You are allowed 10 units a day to spend on what you want choc wine bread e t c and your potatoes are free and so is your fruit any veg is free and mullerlight yoghurts are free als frosties and some other cereals are free your units go along way as they are so low you can have 2 slices med sliced bread for 0.5 unit 3 jaffa cakes only 1 unit i never had a good go at it but wish i had done now as you can have as many pot as you want and are free. But you still count meat and everything else .
Hope this has helped


Gone fishing
I think WLR would work well for you. Gives you complete freedom with what you want to eat (though you can work to get the perfect fat/carbs/protein percentage) and you can adjust your calorie allowance to a level that works for you

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Gone fishing
Veg has calories like everything else Bethany
There are so many different plans about, Just because veg is free on some doesnt mean its calorie free hun, they are envcouraging you to eat more of the stuff that is better for you

lesley, Two diets that spring to mind, are using WLR as KD says, this site has helped me massivly with regards to losing and maintaining, infact, it would still be now but I went off track

WW is another, the main thing is the eating out, you can save some points value to eat, and also the eating out guide is really helpful.

Im not a fan of slimming world red and green and free stuff, it doesnt teach portion sizes or anything like that, and is too complicated for a person like me, full time job, kids, DH.

The unit diet, having potatoes free seems strange to me, I could see myslef with a full chicken and the biggest pile of spuds in the world, all because its free, and I would eat it till i felt sick!!!!

Now, at the end of all this, its just MY opinion, and Im always ready to give it!!! Doesnt mean that other diets dont work, Im sure they doo, but I like to look at the bigger picture x


Radix lecti
Unfortunately calories are the root of all evil no matter what form they come in. If you don't expend the calories you consume, your body stores it as fat
I did calorie counting years ago, set a limit then ate whatever i wanted as long as i didn't exceed the daily limit i set - forces you into more healthy eating as the nice stuff has more calories. Seemed to work very well at the time, but like everything else i didn't stick to it :sigh:
Have done CD, LT, SW all worked at the time, but always got bored of them and reverted to old habits ;)
So trying again on CD and hopefully will change the habits of a lifetime this time :rolleyes:

Not much help i know but at the end of the day we all know that if we want to get weight off, we have to give up the nicer stuff :(
SW allows bread as part of the healthy option? I know they recommend wholemeal and max 2 slices plus most veg is free (and certain fruits?) but how much difference would changing that to granary make. Although i made a good effort and generally stuck to SW (lost 4 stone at the time) i occasionally had things i shouldn't (esp from Tescos hot counter right after weighing :eek: )
I think you have to find a way that suits your lifestyle and if occasionally that means a slight deviation - then go with it but make sure you stick mainly to the diet - go to be more healthy than just eating whatever you want and letting the pounds pile on - as i now realise in my new angelical state :D
I lost 5 and half stone in a year with sw and it all went back on for certain reasons but i used to have more cereal than it says but still lost weight i was losing between 3 and 4lbs a week and you could only have certain veg on certain days which is understanding.
GI recommends 7 portions of fruit and veg a day, at least my book does. The figures are a bit confusing on the GI values because we all know that peanuts (GI 14) are a lot more fattening than watermelon (GI 72). The basic recommendations to cut out highly refined carbs and stick to wholegrains and complex carbs are very sensible, and if you add in what you already know about fat values then it makes for a sensible and enjoyable way of eating.


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Most work.

This is beacuse somewhere along the way they encourage you to cut things out, or cut back on things.

I have tried every diet known to man and only had success with a few.

1. Rosemary Conley. Excellent. Exercise & Healthy (albeit boring) diet. But it works!

2. CD. Works because I can't eat :D

3. The unit diet. Normal food and normal portion sizes. Canireallydothis, chicken isn't free on the unit diet. A chicken breast is 2 units so you couldn't have a whole chicken and plate of potatoes...it would be nice tho :p All my mates who follow this have fab losses.

4. Weight Watchers. Difficult as it is quite restrictive, but works well. I always lose well on ww even if I'm a miserable moo while i'm on it!

5. South Beach. Ricotta with Vanilla essence for pudding...YUM! Fab weight loss too. Just pretty boring.

6. Atkins. Gross! (just my opinion!)

7. Sin & Slim. Great idea in concept, but in reality it doesn't work (my opinion again :) )

8. Slim Fast. I love love love this diet, but unfortunately I don't lose more than ½ pound a week. Too much effort for ½ pound a week!!!

9. Slimming World. I hated this plan. Really confusing with a's b's red's green's etc. I struggled through week 1, felt really proud of myself. Went to my meeting, jumped on the scales and gained a pound! GUTTED! Also like you said canireallydothis, it doesn't teach people to eat properly. Everyone I know who has followed sw has reagined all of their weight.

That's my opinion anyway. Everyone's different though and different diets suit different people.

I love CD as I don't have the mental food fight every mealtime. The decisions are taken away from me which, for me, is what I need.

Love Frumpster.x.
Hi Frumster
I must agree that the unit diet is normal food and fruit and any veg is free and even potatoes is free i never had a good go at it so i cant say what the weight loses are on it
Are you following it
Gonna throw another question out there...... Someone mentioned Tesco ediets? One of the diet options on there is called 'Total' or some such? I looks like it works by varying calorific intake every day across a fortnight.... different calorie total each day and 3 of days are 'Unlimited'. Has anyone tried this? Is it easy or just too complicated? Does it work? It's peeked my curiosity.
SW - when I did it a] I couldn't have my fav healthy bread without sinning it and b] I found it hard to control portion sizes so I actually put on weight! So like Frumpster Gutted!!!! And I did 4 weeks like that... putting on!!
WLR - for me the snag was extra calorie allowance for exercise. I'm trying to increase my steps significantly and last time I did WLR I couldn't resist eating my extra allowance... didn't lose any weigh.. suprised? Not!
WW - to be honest I've never given this a proper try.. just the odd week when my head wasn't there.. so can't comment. Is it any easier than it used to be?
Unit diet - I've never heard of this one before. Is it new? Might go surf for info to see how it works.
Rosemary conley - I've done this a couple of times... the very first 3 months I did went very well.... but then I learnt how to bend the rules and just never managed to do it straight since. I did like that I didn't have to count everything though??
GI - I've never tried this... sounds jolly complicated??

erm..... heck and bovver I don't know LOL. Getting brainache! Any more suggestiong welcome... advice doubly welcome.... HELP! LOL Yeah I know only I can decide for me but it's so hard !!!
I love WW. I dont find it at all restrictive and it allows me to eat more or less what I want. I couldnt take food out of the equation for CD etc so it works perfectly for me.

The losses are slower but I like not having to worry about socialising etc and I feel its changing the whole way I look at food and what I eat

Good luck with whatever you decide :)
Hi Starlight
Ive tried to use all my points up today yes i have and found out ive got none left so cant have anything else tonight gone a bit too far today feeling really fed up feel like going on a binge


Silver Member
Yes but on some diet plans you dont have to count them they are free
Yes quite right, thats true, generally unless you were to literally eat a Garden of Veg, they should be 'free' foods.

Like WW they are free, i guess even though some calories may be there, they are negilible in comparsion to the vitamins etc they provide.



Becoming Un-Frumpy!
My veg alone today added up to 175 calories.

Some veggies requiire more calories to chew, swallow, digest and excrete :)o ) than they actually contain. It's mostly the green veg. Hence CD's add a meal week 'allowed' veg is all green &white veg. Things like celery, celeriac, watercress, etc.

There is a diet out called the negative calorie diet....weeks of eating celery...mmmm....nice:D

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