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under 10st to go

Well done! Keep it up! I have around 10 stone to lose too, wanna be diet buddies? How are you losing it?

I started a low fat diet and xenical today, I weigh 252lbs now and hope to be around 9stone by the end.

Good luck xxxx
hi soon to be a yummy mummy
i'm doing the cambridge would love to be around 9st 8lb when i'm done love to buddy up if your up for it x
Sounds fab to me! You can be my inspiration! as your bound to lose it quicker than me, you can egg me on! I'm just doing my own low cal, low fat diet and taking Xenical prescribed from my GP. What is the CD really like?? I'd love to do it, but it seems expensive and I'm off on maternity leave at the moment so a bit short on money! but i start bk to supply teaching 2nd week in September so I was thinking of signing upto the cambridge diet myself then?? are you starving all the time?? xx
island breeze you would not believe how much different even this amount has made it's not even a quarter of what i needed to lose but i already feel so much better - i have had problems with my knee's for over a year and am having some investigative surgery to confirm it's arthritis but since losing the 1st stone it's not been anywhere near as painful i can wear heels in the evening (tried wearing them all day still to painful)

soon to be a yummy mummy cd is the best thing i've ever done along with join this forum you are only hungry for the 1st few day's but just fill your self up with water after that ketosis kicks in and its easier in the 1st week i lost 18lb's amazing huh it's been slower since but still 3st in 7 weeks cant complain - i know what you mean about the money it's been a struggle as i'm not working at the mo but wanted to get properly into the diet before i had to go back to work as my job can be quite stressful and i tend to eat if i get stressed -
good luck on your journey x
Wow! 3 stone in 7 weeks! that IS fab! I'm DEF gonna sign up when I go bk to work in September! its around £39/month isnt it?

I'm gonna make a head-start with my diet now, low cal and low fat and that will help me when i start CD, hopefully i'll get used to dieting / having less so it wont hit me so hard when i start CD.

Congrats on ur weight loss! you're def gonna be a skinny mini!
goodluck!!! and congrats so far thats incredible x
thanks guy's i dont know what i'd do without this forum it's been a fantastic time for me with so much support - unfortunatly i'm not able to do it by myself -punkii i've been following your journey talk about amazing well done

soon to be a yummy mummy - i'll still be here in september! ha! i'll be here for a while yet
thanks guys x
have you thought of starting with zenical or something available on prescription?
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Hi Towergilly

I am in exactly the same position as you. I have 140lbs to lose, to get me to goal. I was surprised last night when I realised, thats all thats left. As earlier in the year it felt like a humungous task, I had to fulfill. Now I can't wait to get there and do my happy dance. If you would like another diet buddy, I would be happy to join the party as I am doing Lighter Life, which as you know is very similar to Cambridge.
ha ha! that's what i meant! lol £39/week ! it'd be fab if it was only that a month wouldn't it! xx
wow pancras thats fantastic loss well done
yeah mate more the merrier!
Hi there,

Well done on the weight lost so far - that must be so motivating. All the best with the remaining pounds - just think 2lbs a week - in a year's time most of it will be gone!



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Well done Gilly, that's fantastic! I've just realised, I have less than 10 stone to lose too now!
guru thats fantastic
we should of started a i have 10st or therabouts to lose club!


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Haha yeah! In my head I keep thinking "I have ten and a half stone to lose".. but actually it's nearer eight and a half now... :D
Hi tower
Hows it all going ? I have been really busy at the moment, and I have really tempted this week, but I am concentrating real hard to keep myself on track. hoepfully I have distracted myself enough and this horrible feeling will have gone away.

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