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Under 300lbs at last!

Finally today I got to 299 pounds - my first time under 300pounds in 5years so I'm really pleased with myself. There have been a few slips mostly when I was bored so I've got the hang of getting on with other things when I think I'm going to slip and eat. People in work have started noticing that I'm a stone and 9 pounds lighter in 4 weeks:D although a lot of this was the first 2 weeks. I'm very determined to get my BMI under 40 before Christmas and preferably be under 20 stone:) for the first time in 10years! I want to lose this weight so bad even OH's food in the fridge couldn't distract me from my thai chicken soup tonight. Hope everyone else's journey is going well and stay strong x
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Huge congrats!!! You will soon be under the 200lbs as well :) I just got to the thinnest I have been in 10 years so I know how good it feels! We can and will do this :)
Well done you!! What a fantastic achievement ... you must feel wonderful. These milestones are so important for keeping the motivation going. I'm really happy for you :)
Well done! Fantastic milestone - i bet you feel on top the world! They do say its not the destination but the journey along the way!
Aw man, I cant wait till I join you on that milestone :)
Well done
It's gone a bit wrong the last couple of days and i'm no longer under 300. I fell off the ts wagon in a major way and feel horribly guilty.knowing i've let myself down altho i'm back behaving again. It's all down to boredom I don't have enough to do in the evenings even with 2evening classes! Went to bed at 9 last night so I couldn't do any more damage. Just feeling like i'll never do it now
Skint Chick dont worry too much, just get up and dust yourself off. you will have that 300lb limit cracked again by next week.
I too am prone now and then to a nibble or two, though I keep mine as often as poss to keto food list stuff.
e.g. chicken
stay away from the choccies,biccies,bread,sweets etc and fill your belly up with even a full chicken if needs be to keep you on the straight and narrow.
youll go to bed stuffed and return to your shakes in the morning without being bothered about anything else.
If you can TS 100% all the time then you are a saint. dont beat yourself up over a blip and sack it all off, just dive back in and crack on.
It will be worth it when all the fellas are checking you out down the road ;)

Its my birthday next June 1st and I am deffo going to be thin for it - 100% determined and if it takes some chicken to keep me on track then so be it haha xxx
Thanks for that Lindopski :)
Going to stock up on keto friendly foods so it doesn't happen again. I have no probs being strong in the supermarket weirdly just not when i'm bored at home. Feeling more positive now that I can do this
I've been finding it so difficult to get back to Exante. I recently weighted myself and descovered I put back on 3stone that I lost in Jan and feb..
But i'm so glad I read your post SKINT.. cause I'm probably the same weight as you..
Its really given me a kick up the bun..
Joining the gym today and starting back on the shakes in the Morning...

Well done Skint for not giving up on it.. very proud of you
awww skint dont worry too much...get the marker pen out and draw a line under it and get back in the saddle... we all have poo weeks ..even months some of us... brush yaself down sweetie and start afresh xxxxx

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