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Under bump maternity jeans

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I was wondering how people find them..
When I was pregnant last Mothercare did them where they ended on your pelvis/under bump and then were elastic up to your naval.. I always found they dug into my pelvis and I could only bear to wear them for a couple of hours.

Thinking ahead I wondered how people find the new designs :) And how they are on larger tummies - i have my own 'bump' of a tummy still that they'd sit under and I'm not sure how I'd feel in that sense.

Sorry if this isn't making sense.. and yes I'm getting ahead of myself as I'm not 5 weeks yet! lol
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I find them very uncomfortable too. Although I lost all my excess weight last year I was left with an overhang and find they dig in. Personally I like the over bump fit it's so much more comfy.

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Thanks Lisa Marie :) I'll have a nosey around when the time comes :) M&S do over the bump ones so will head for them or soft trousers :) I have jeans up to a large 18 (almost a 20), so that'll help though they are baggy on the legs now.
I've bought quite a few bits on ebay got some linen cropped trousers for 99p:eek:. I go on holiday in a few weeks and didn't want spend a fortune on maternity clothes, that I won't wear again.

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great idea! and what a bargain eh!? :) I just hope I DO need them.. lol

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lol we'll look back in 8 weeks time at this and be in shock at how fast it's all gone I'm sure! :) I'm 5 weeks today.. going to celebrate every day :) lol


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I personally prefer over the bump as I find them more comfortable.

I have bought loads of maternity clothes from ebay as a cheaper alternative. I have discovered "Blooming marvellous" and would highly recommend their clothing to anyone who is looking for comfy maternity stuff.


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i dont wear maternity clothes.. i just wear clothes couple of sizes bigger.. much cheaper than matenity clothes..

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Thanks for the blooming marvelous recommendation :)
I don't really want to go bigger clothes this time on the bottom half anyway as looked fat with my first - I was heavier then but my legs look lost in bigger jeans etc at the moment and they won't fit my waist for long. I'd like to keep the slimmer legs, larger belly look! lol
I have a fair few tops that I have room to grow into so that's not a problem.

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wow!! :D that is a bargain.
Just Bought some over bump jeans from Next, they were £25 but worth every penny they are soooo comfy. Think I'll be living in these till baby is born lol.

Next do have a fab range of maternity clothes, best I've seen. Think you can only buy online haven't seen them instore.

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ah that explains it then, I had a look on line then went to my store and a store in the nearest city from us, but couldn't find maternity anywhere!! lol

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