Under stress - didn't cave.


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I'm sooo proud of myself !!

My husband was rushed into hospital at 5am Monday morning with excruciating abdominal pains (which were getting worse since last friday).

Anyway, ambulance arrived gave him morphene, took us both to AandE and he underwent various tests.

The xrays and blood/urine tests came back clear - so no reason for the pain. I spent all day at the hospital - didn't have any shakes with me, but didn't eat anything !! I'm so proud of myself :), as it would have been sooo easy to nip to the hospital shop/canteen etc.

Today I returned to the hospital, and he had an ultrasound scan - which didn't show anything either - but they couldn't find his appendix - it was hiding behind other bits !! so tomorrow he will be having keyhole to explore in more detail with a camera.

He is groggy due to the morphene he is constantly on, but this is to be expected.

Anyway, with all of this and 2 small kids to organise - (and the house is a tip) - I just wanted to rave about me - in the face of adversity. Obviously the most important thing here is my hubby, but i can still be proud, can't I?

Thank for listening - best get on with some chores now !!

PS, weekly WI 14lb !! (ok, it is a day late)

Caren. xx
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Hope your husband is ok mrs xxxxxx


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Well done hun! Its very hard to not give in- but you were strong :) all the best, hope your hubby is fit, well and on his feet again soon. xx


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Thanks guys.... the current thinking is appendix/ water infection / food poisoning - we'll see !!. xx


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I had been wondering why you hadnt posted about your weight...oh dear...do hope your hubby is ok and they get to the bottom of it.

For years, since I was 16 I suffered terribly with ab pains...big style.....had all tests and they couldnt find anything...10 yrs later they found I had gallstones and I tell you they were the size of 50p!!!!!! So, they can miss things, but lets just hope they find out what it is..he aint in pain for no reason - eh!

But, well done you for being strong and not giving in!!!!! HATS OFF TO YOU!!!! Brilliant and you deserve the 14lb loss too!

Have a great week, but do hope your hubby is ok...let us know how he is doing.


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hey hun well done to you you desrve to shout about it it would have been so easy to nip to the cafe hope the hubby's ok xx


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Well done and hope your husband is okay xx

irish molly

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Poor you, what drama and stress and still you stayed off food. Don't know if I could have been so good about it. Fair play to you. Hope poor hubby gets some relief soon. take care of yourself.

Little Miss Living

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That's amazing!!!! You should be so proud of yourself, and of course it's your husband and his health that matters but you have every right to be proud of yourself. I know how difficult it can be at times notwithstanding family and personal problems! Well done and if you're ever tempted again just think of that day and how you coped with all that going on! Hope your hubbie is doing well and it's all sorted soon, best wishes xxxxxxxxxx


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You are amazing!!!

I know I couldnt have managed that..

Keep us updated about your hubby..


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Hope you husbands ok hun. Well done on your loss and extra well done for not caving x


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Well done for not giving in in the face of very difficult times. If you can get through that without eating you can get through anything. You are right to be proud of yourself. Congrats on your loss too. Hope hubby is feeling better soon x x x


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Well done on your loss and very well done for not giving in to food :D Hope hubbie is ok


S: 16st11lb C: 13st13lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 2st12lb(17.02%)
Thank you guys. Hubby is home now with a carrier bag of antibiotics. (they still don't know what the problem was) He will be having a colonoscopy as an outpatient - but things are much much better. (don't tell him i've gone into so much detail !!) :)

thank you for your support as usual, you are all a great bunch !!


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Sorry to hear you have been through it, i haven't been around much last 2 days, majorly busy. Glad things are better and good luck for the colonoscopy. Btw great weight loss lady!!

irish molly

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I'm sure you are glad to have him home. Best of luck for the scope, hope it goes well.