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  1. blonde8

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    hi everyone i have read thru the posts about atkins diet especially the one by jim explaining it but im still really unsure as to what exactly i can eat and how much daily im allowed! i will get the book but until i do i want to get rough idea of what i need to buy!! is the book just called the atkins diet???? if ne one could help with regards as to what i can eat and what i have to count id really appreciate it!
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    I know you said you're going to get the book first and give it a read. No point setting yourself off down the wrong track! :)

    Roughly though, most meats, eggs, cheese, fish and salad vegetables. No sugar or refined carbs (e.g. no pasta/rice/bread) or starchy veg (potatoes/parsnips/carrots etc). Watch out for veg - alot of them are surprisingly carb-heavy. Think bacon and egg for breakfast. Leafy salad and fish or pate for lunch. Steak and salad for dinner etc....

    There's been a few versions of the book - one from the 70s (I've never read it though), one from the 90s and early noughties (I think most people, including myself use this one - it's called Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution) and one that's just been released (but I don't think many people rate it - I haven't read it).

    Maybe your library has the book in? Or if you know the dark arts of the internet you might be able to find it that way!...
  4. blonde8

    blonde8 Full Member

    Thank u for the reply all these foods are free but is there not a limit to how much u can have!
  5. Quak

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    Not on the carb free stuff, meat, fish eggs, you just have to count the carbs in your veg - 20 per day on induction.
  6. Jim

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    Hi Blonde and welcome to our little forum. Have a read of the "What are we eating" thread, that'll give you an idea.

    As to quantities, apart from the 3 mugs of chopped green veggies a day, Atkins said eat until you feel moderately full, i.e. you are satisfied. Atkins is not about starving yourself thin.
  7. LVLLM

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    welcome and good luck x
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