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understanding one ketosis faux pas


Fat busting crime fighter
I had pickled onions on my SS+ last night to ceelebrate (at least it wasnt choc or cake or bread...mmm, bread!).
Someone said it would kick me out of ketosis - when would that happen....... straight away or in a few days?
I have Keystix but dont want to waste them if its inevtible anyway.
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I have no idea - I would imagine it would be within 12hours??

Well done for avoiding the bread and choc!!


Fat busting crime fighter
thanks girls.
I mean, i never thought id get so excited about pickled onions over chocolate .......... but it helps, really it does!
I have to admire those totally on SS and not SS+ (like me). I just cant face SS yet
Hi, Im doing SS and it is hard, but I think it is really hard no matter which diet you choose, so dont be too down on yourself. You made a good choice and that is what it is all about. :) Jools x


Fat busting crime fighter
they weight is dropping off me on SS+. i am strictly carb free on it as well - meaning if I am likely to cheat it would be n lean chicken or pickled onions
As filrtygreeneyes said, if something is going to knock you out of ketosis, I think it'll do it pretty much as soon as the food hits your stomach.

When you eat "real" food, your body basically says "Wahay! Carbs, sugar, energy! Let's get that glycogen store filled again, here you go brain/muscles, here's some regular energy, you don't need that broken-down fat stuff anymore!"

OK, a little dramatic, but you get the idea :p

Still, what you actually get from the onions would be so little that you'd be back in Ketosis pretty soon, and by now probably are.

So don't worry :)

PS What were you celebrating?


Fat busting crime fighter
i was celebrating losing weight! and hope to do that every week and all xx


Fat busting crime fighter
you can say happy birthday in Feb (my goal date to have lost 70lbs by then!)! No cake though, id be happy for a jar of pickled onions (oh yeah!)

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