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Undiagnosed PCOS

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I have every symptom of PCOS, so although I am yet to be diagnosed I'm 99% sure I have it. I haven't been to the doctors in 8 years, so I do joke that I'm trying to hold some kind of record, but I think I'm actually too scared to go. The only people that know about this is my boyfriend and people on here, I cannot bring myself to tell anyone else, not even my mother who I am quite close with.

Sometimes I will work myself up and say I'm definitely going to make an appointment at the doctors tomorrow, but I never do in the end.

Can anyone tell me if it will make a big difference going to the docs? Will they actually do anything for me? Or is losing weight the best thing I can do?
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S: 19st1lb C: 18st1lb G: 9st10lb Loss: 1st0lb(5.24%)
Oh and I should add I have a contraceptive implant, I was just reading that this could worsen PCOS - which has now worried me even more, should I get it taken out?
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my doctors were very good when i went to see them, i didn't have any issues with periods, excessive hair etc until feb this year when i missed a period (after negative pregnancy tests) i decided to go to my docs and asked to be tested for everything, he did look at me as though i'd gone a bit loopy lol but tested me for all sorts (i had 6 vials of blood took) they all came back normal even my hormone levels but he still referred me for an ultrasound just in case i had a mild form of pcos that hadn't shown up in blood results, the woman at the hospital couldn't have been more understanding and even showed me the screen and explained everything that was on the screen, she said it looks like mild pcos but just waiting for full results (getting them this week), from what i've been told and read losing weight is one of the best things you can do, you haven't said how old you are and if you're wanting a family now/in the future so i would see a doctor as soon as possible, they might suggest a different type of contraceptive that would also help with the symptoms of pcos.
go for it...it won't do any harm, if anything it could change your life for the better and stop your worrying.

good luck, don't think you'll need it, just an understanding doctor and if you're not happy with the one you see make another appointment to see another one


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Designosaur, I too had/have just about all the symptoms of PCOS. I was on the contraceptive injection for years, and heard that it increased the chances of getting PCOS, so I really was worried. I convinced myself, I diagnosed myself with it and told other people there was a high chance I had it.

I went to the docs, and was referred for a scan. "Healthiest pair of ovaries I've seen," said the ultrasound woman. I had been worrying for nothing. In fact, getting fitter has cleared up a whole host of symptoms I was stressing about.

So you don't know, it may not be PCOS, even if, like me, you show the signs of it. Go to the docs. If it isn't, relief, if it is, you get the help you need. Nothing to lose. Just don't diagnose yourself yet!


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I have to say, it took me 9 years to go to the doctor about it. Finally gave in and went last year. Wishing I hadnt bothered. Waste of time. She was no help at all, gave me cream for the hair, which didnt work, changed my contraception, which just made my skin dry out and go flakey/patchy and then told me there was nothing else they could do unless I was trying to get pregnant.

After much moaning about it she sent me to the hospital for tests. The consultant said I had every symptom of pcos, but the tests showed my blood and ovaries were fine. They have listed me as "mild pcos".

Its actually really annoying me because I feel like it was so embarassing and took me alot of courage to go to the doctors about it, and for what?

I'm still hairy, still fat, still not getting regular periods and still unsure if I'll ever be able to have children - and if I cant, I'm entitled to no help whatsoever.

God, sorry... i had a rant there!
I'm exactly the same as you, except I don't have a BF...
TOTALLY freaked out about the doctors...
I believe I have PCOS - I have irregular periods (sometimes 6 months apart, sometimes last for 3 weeks) but they are mostly really light - barely enough to wear a pad for!!!
I am 112kg and reaaallly nerous about doc. doing breast/pelvic exam & also scared for them to see me almost nude - fat legs, fat gut, stretch marks, big boobs etc....
I also have quite dry flakey, itchy skin on the sides of my breasts - anyone help here? I often sleep topless just to not have any material rubbing on it :(

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Hi everyone,

I have very recently been confirmed with PCOS after hormonal tests showed up weird not sure of the ratio! So was referred for a scan and it was confirmed that I do have it but cysts just on right ovary. Been told to discuss this with the doctor got appointment next week. The symptoms i have are thinning of hair at crown of head, very oily skin, bad sweating, anxiety. I do have regular periods though which I am very . I have been doing Slimming world for the last 4 weeks and have lost 10lbs so far!! Also feel much better mentally and my anxiety has improved lots! Anyone else found they feel better mentally too when eating healthy?
It makes me so sad and angry to hear that there are so many unsupportive doctors out there. I am lucky that I have finally found a doctor who is supportive of my pcos and is willing to let me try various medications. However before that I can across many doctors who were really blasé about it and left me feeling like a hairy, fat monster. Rant over!

If your doctor isn't supportive please try another, it makes such a difference when you get one that is xx


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I think it depends on your symptoms whether you HAVE to see the dr, and what you're hoping to get out of it.

If it really bugs you not knowing if you 'have' PCOS, you need to see a dr for tests for cysts and/or hormone imbalances. Doctors don't seem to have entirely decided what 'counts' as PCOS or not, but I think officially you have to have two out of three of the following to be considered to have PCOS:
- symptoms like acne, hirsutism, weight gain, and some others like dark skin patches or dandruff
- cysts on the ovaries
- hormone imbalances (though I've had different doctors tell me I was and wasn't normal).
The test for cysts can be done externally depending on your weight, so you could ask about that - you drink lots of water and have a scan like when you're pregnant. And the hormone test is done by blood results - nothing horrible. But neither of these tests is absolutely necessary unless you have to know for definite - for example if you're trying to persuade them to give you a certain treatment, or if you are trying to have babies.

However it might be best to get checked out in case any of your symptoms cause concern.
If you have very few periods, it is best to see a dr as it can lead to pre-cancerous cells in the uterus. It's easily dealt with - they give you a pill every now and then to 'clean you out' by causing a period.

And if you want to push to get some treatment, you could try visiting different doctors til you find a supportive one. Many women with PCOS just get told to lose weight, but I think if you are pre-diabetic they might give you drugs like metformin, try the Pill, or even refer you to a weight loss club or gym membership.

There are support groups out there like Verity which can give you information too.

There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in going to the doctor about this. Lots of women have it and you don't have to have any embarrassing tests unless you really need to. You might feel better knowing than not knowing. And it doesn't have to mean a life sentence of infertility or anything like that - there is help.
I have had pcos since i was 15 i went to the doctors and they didn't no what it was i then only found out when i was 18 what it was. In 2012 i was told i couldn't have children because i have 40 cysts on my ovaries but 3 months after i caught pregnant with my beautiful son, none of my hormone levels showed ab normal in blood tests everything was fine but i have gained weight and found it hard to lose since. This is because of my pcos. I have joined sw and lost 8 pound but well see how it goes. My doctors wasn't keen on my pcos neither was the gynaecologist but people are different good luck x


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This HAS been an enlightening thread, to see that people have been tested and told they don't have it as well.

I'm totally convinced I have PCOS - I was tested around aged 21 when I stopped having periods and was very overweight. They said I didn't have it. Diabetes runs in my family. To be fair I could have just done with losing weight, which I addressed properly (for the first time!) when I was 26. Periods normalised for a bit, on and off depending on weight (acutally got so skinny I stopped having them at one point), but the HAIR - eww. It's so bad, all down my neck and chin and on my stomach. Weight on and off over the last few years - seems to just spring back on again. My hair seems to be coming out a lot recently and for about the last few months periods sort of regular but so heavy I soak through everything about twice an hour. Again, blood tests and a scan and told there was nothing.

As someone above pointed out there's not much point in addressing it with the GP anyway as I'm not trying for a family. I may go back on the pill however if the periods continue like this. They gave me some tablets to lighten the periods but it might make more sense to just go on the pill again. Which will probably make me put weight back on :/
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I swore for years I had it, had operations to remove cysts and still never got a diagnosis. Eventually, at 25 an sick to death of excess hair and spots, I went to the GP for treatment for that. They in turn referred me to a dermatologist who then referred me to a specialist PCOs dermatology clinic. It was there I got my diagnosis, rather than through obs and gynae services. Sadly I didn't tolerate medication for my acne well and other treatments didn't work. I still have bad acne for a 30 year old but as it's getting better. I'm thankful I never had scarring.

I suspect the gynaecologists I saw were too busy with fertility issues to worry about a young 20 something who was, in his words "histrionic".

I'm not sure that having the diagnosis has made any impact on my life. I was told I was pre-diabetic and to lose weight, which, at the time I did a fairly good job of. I have a contraceptive implant fitted (far too forgetful to rely on an oral contraceptive) and it was the best thing I ever did. I've started having periods again now I'm in my 3rd year but they are nothing compared to the kind I had before. I shudder to think how bad they were.

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