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Unintentional Experiment *food talk*


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So I went away to Moddershall Oaks Spa on Weds/Thurs & 'forgot' my packs :sigh: I use the inverted commas because I can't help thinking that sub-consciously I did it on purpose!

Anyway, all was not lost - I behaved in an adult way and decided to use the two days as an 'experiment' determined to make wise food choices - and I'm pleased to report I succeeded :)

For dinner I had scallops on steamed vegetables to start with grilled chicken salad for main. I had black coffee for breakfast (still felt too full after dinner the night before :eek:) and for lunch I had carrot & corriander soup to start and salmon and vegetables for main.

The bit I'm most impressed about was - leaving the bread basket alone and removing the chips and potatoes from my main courses - so glad I didn't use it as an excuse to pig out because the food was delicious!

I also did 90 minutes of cardio (treadmill/cross trainer/bike) whilst everyone else was lounging about in the Spa.

Had a hot chocolate shake when I got back last night - so it was one meal and one pack for each of the two days - hoping I haven't sent myself totally haywire - but its going good so far - will have to see what the scales say on Sunday......

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They sound like pretty good food choices to me, AJB. You are SO good for leaving the bread and the fries. I'm not sure about the carrot and coriander soup (could it have had flour in it?) but everything else sounds like high protein, low carb which shouldn't bring you out of ketosis. Do you have any pee sticks so you can check?


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Well I just picked the 'soup of the day' option - didn't think to ask what it was actually (oops!) but it wasn't like I ate a vat full of it so should be ok! I've not got any ketostix but may pop into pharmacy on way home - now you've mentioned it - I can't wait to find out :D


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Thanks Lucy - it wasn't an ideal situation to be in but I'm glad I didn't fall into old bad habits - before LL I would have thought "sod it" and really gone to town - how I left that bread bastket alone I will never know!

So far today I've stuck to my packs and have already had 2 litres of water - unfortunately I'm surrounded by cakes as its a colleagues birthday - they got very affronted when I wouldn't have any - but I'm in this for the long haul and certainly won't let this lapse lead to weeks of faffing about - so back on wagon and just keep trucking :D
You sound like you've got those demons well under control :) You must feel more confident about the future after RTM now you know you can make the right choices.


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Now I come to think about it - yes it really has - I feel a lot more positive about the future and know I can control my desire to stuff my face!

Think it helped that I avoided my trigger foods - I've always been a bread and potatoes lover and know that even after RTM I'm rarely going to be able to eat them - and I'm ok with that.

Food isn't the be-all-and-end-all. I'm viewing this as my "half term break" and now look forward to completing the second half of my abstinence journey :D
I think we're all bread and potato lovers - comfort food from the past which doesn't have to be our comfort food anymore! My hubby decided about 4 weeks ago to cut out bread, potatoes and pasta from his diet because he felt as if they bloat him. Result? He's lost 12lbs! Pah, and I've lost 15lbs on 500 cals a day!! I think the point I'm trying to make is that we're probably better off without them anyway (although I said it in a back-to-front way!)


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Karen men are beyond annoying for doing fast weight loss with minimal effort!

Anyway I had my weigh in today and stayed the same :D so pleased as I made wise food choices with my two meals at the Spa - didn't go off on a massive food binge afterwards - went straight back on packs and when I tested tonight at class I'm still in ketosis - onwards and downwards :D
Fantastic, AJB! You star! Well done and well done for making those wise food choices.

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