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Universal Contour Wrap this p.m! - anyone had one?

I'm off for my first Wrap this afternoon - DH bought me a course of 3 for my birthday - and I'm really excited! We're off to the sun on holiday on Thursday, and , you never know, may even expose my upper arms if I get a good result with the Wrap.

I've just read a couple of articles on it, though, and I have a couple of questions. I remember from last year that a few FMs had had the wrap, so just wondering if anyone's around who knows the answers...

1. I saw one review that says you get a hangover the next day from toxin withdrawal / dehydryation. Is this true? If so, any tips for heading it off?

2. I've also booked a spray tan, for tomorrow (in the interests of not blinding Italian locals with the double crime of cod-white skin AND bingo wings, yummy.) Is that OK, straight after the wrap, or am I going to clog up my pores and stop the minerals working?

Cheers all - will post back results later! x:wave_cry::D
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I have had them before, they are really good, and I did feel fab afterwards. I didn't suffer any kind of hangover but they tell you to drink plenty of water after it so that could be why.

The only thing I would say is make sure you go to the toilet before they start as it can take quite a while for them to wrap you up and un wrap you.

Have fun
hi bagpuss, let us know how your wrap goes. Ive never heard of them tbh!! Dont know about the spray tan either im of to the sun next week aswell but i have nice bingo wings and skin as white as a ghost cant say im not jealous.

Becky xx
Thanks everyone! The tip about going to the loo before I get mummified was great - d'oh, hadn't thought of that, and had better stop chugging water right now!!! It's good to hear the hangover thing may be a myth - and yep, I'll get chugging water as soon as I get back.

We're off to Naples, Dragonfly - looks like we're in for some nice weather so I'm panicing about short sleeves!

Becky, I heard about the Wrap on the forum last year and I've been thinking about it ever since - I've finished the diet (just learning to maintain now...!) and my skin could do with a bit of steam ironing and de-squishing ... I'll let you know how it worked out :D


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I had a few last year. As it is for ridding you of toxins and I don't smoke or regularly drink, my results were the bare minimum ( or she just tightened her tape measure?). Do drink of water plenty and take spare pants, they get soaked from the wrap. Leaves your skin so smooth but I had annoying pen marks all over where she marked exactly where she had put her tape measure.
It was a relaxing session and she left me too it once wrapped, there was a radio in the room and I took a couple of mags.
Enjoy the pampering!

Mrs B

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I quite fancied these wraps - well later on in my diet. Let us know how it goes. And have a fantastic holiday.
Well, I'm back, de-wrapped and 5 inches smaller. I didn't get the dramatic inch losses that some people report -apparently if you're already fairly de-toxed the inch loss isn't dramatic, as Wez said, and I've been dieting and drinking loads of water for the last week (I'd crept up 10lb from goal/maintenance weight, but have lost 6lb of it this week.) However, my skin's smoother, tummy a wee bit tighter,my clothes are looser and I've lost an inch from my waist. Another 2 wraps to go, 10 days apart.

I'm not convinced I'd go through the boredom and discomfort (those bandages are TIGHT - didn't find it a relaxing treatment, personally) unless a special occasion was coming up, but I'll keep you posted on what the results are like after the final wrap! Off to Italy to flash my bingo wings at all and sundry now! Thanks, girls :) x


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Thanks for reporting back on your wrap Bagpuss - I had been thinking about these for a while - but like you I am at goal now and supect my results would be fairly minimal so I think I will opt for a full body massage instead :p

Have a fabulous time on holiday!

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