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University and shakes


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Hi everyone, I've just finished my first year at university (i'm a mature student nurse)and i'm feeling really happy with myself for getting this far. I finished on placement 2 weeks ago where I was when I started LT on Jan 7th to the dismay of some nurses, they were convinced they were going to find me in a heap on the floor because I wasn't eating any food, and have to put me on a glucose drip lol. Anyway they couldn't believe i could work a 40 hour week and still be standing, where was i getting my energy, where was all my weight going. Because they were satisfied I was healthy they then gave me 100% support. Going back to uni I have encountered some negative comments and have been laughed at mixing my shakes, but hey who cares, I'm losing weight and will soon be thinner than more than a few of them. My ultimate goal is to be a happy thinner me, and I can't wait to go out and buy new uniforms, as the ones I've got now are way too big(such a happy feeling). Because year 1 has now come to an end everyone has gone out for a big p*$* up, I decided not to go, I don't want to be tempted into having a drink, and trying to explain to someone worse for wear why I'm not drinking...well I'd rather not bore them to death with all the details. Hopefully by the time I go into 2nd year in 4 weeks time I will have lost nearly another stone. Can't wait to see their faces. Well goodness me that's more like an essay, sometimes once i start i just can't stop. The weeks that I'vve been on LT have been made all the more easier with the help and support that I've received from all of you on this forum. Thanks to all xx
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Go Fifi!!! WELL DONE YOU! Hey, anyone who is laughing at you mixing your shakes will be laughing on the other side of the faces when you get to goal and swan around look utterly fabulous! Stuff 'em lol!!
That's brilliant Fifi. Ignore those laughing at you. When my daughter started Lipotrim, she used to go into the toilets at work and mix it and drink it because she didn't want anyone staring at her. I told her to stop doing that and have her shake with me in front of everyone. I'm one of those people who doesn't really give a fig as to what others think. No-one bothers now, apart from positive comments about our losses.

I would say you did the right thing though not going for a drink. It might be too tempting for you and you don't want to cause yourself any unnecessary stress. Well done and keep up the good work.


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Wouldn't life be great if joe public ooozed with support like all you lovely people on this forum. Maybe that's just too much to ask. Think I will stick with the forum cos we're all in the same place and frame of mind as each other, and know we can get the right sort of support. I love this site!!!


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and so say all of us!!!

h xx


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Yes!! Here here!! Great thread!!!