Unofficial wi.. dissapointed!


Finally...Life begins
My CDC is on hols this week, so had a weigh in at home, and my scales only register 1 pound loss. Slightly disappointed at that!!!

Hoping that it will be improved next week, and my scales are cr@p!!
Never be dissapointed at a loss and always look at the bigger pictures which is eat yer packs, glug the water and you will be slim.

25 lbs in 5 weeks is brill! Think of the positives :)

I was always told you should only go by one set of scales as all scales are different!

Well done :)
I felt a bit disappointed too the first week I lost 1lb, but hey it really wasn't so bad 'cos I had a good WI the week after that. Just remember it's the average loss over a month that counts and 26lb in 5 weeks is FANTASTIC :D :D :D