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Unsupportive Friend?

Carly, I agree with you, as an obese woman herself you would think she would understand and as a friend it makes even worse. I hope you stood up for yourself and explained that being a friend you thought she would supportive and being obese she should understand. You have to carly, you cannot let it slide jsut because maybe she is having a bad day. You need all the support you cat get.
Well Carly we are here for you, just a pity we cannot give a hug right now. You have done brilliantly, think about that to chear yourself up and get angry girl not upset, she was bang out of line, angry I say angry.


Rebel without a calorie
It's the typical jealousy. Fat friends don't like it when you stick to something and they dont. It enforces their own failure. I had the same issue with a friend just last night. She knew I did LL before we met and commented that ketosis was unhealthy and she would never do it. We were both on Slimming World last year (not the same group) and due to circumstances which I fully understand she has regained what she lost and then some. Last night she niggled me talking about the body saving energy and the side effects (I had some hair loss on LL and before add a meal week) I simply said mine had started but now stopped due to aam week. She also (I felt, but maybe wrong) seemed to make a point of admiring my dress and didn't acknowledge my weight loss!
At least we can come here and rant and get the support we so deserve!
Carly. Her diet does not involve pizza. She's choosing pizza and deluding herself. And I don't know how to say this without being a bit nasty to your friend - she's probably jealous that you've taken these brave steps.

Remember the hipsters and forget the sniping friends - sooooooo sending hugs THIS BIG!!
She sounds jealous, and was probably guilty because she scoffed pizza, while you are doing so well on a liquid diet.

Ha you have one up on her anyway. Don't let people like that get you down just think positively. You are doing so well and she could just not bring herself to say it to you, however I will as I know how hard it is.
Never mind hun,

She will be eating more than pizza when you reach your target! It will be her words!:eek: And... she will still be fat! :eek:

Its a sad fact but true, there are many types of friends in this world, true ones are hard to find. Just let her get on with it, and you come here for the support you need.

Good luck hun:)


Grumpy Old Git
:grouphugg:Group hug for Carly:grouphugg:



Rebel without a calorie
Aw I've got a warm fuzzy feeling from you all now!
I've ranted about her to another friend this morning who says just cut her out of your life, but I'm not that ruthless lol. I'll see her twice over the next month and will just make sure the conversation stays away from diets :)
It's the same old story. If people don't understand something - they criticise it. Shame on your friend Carly.

When I was on LL, my sister (who is a nurse) claimed that by drinking 4 litres of water I would damage my kidneys!!!!! I emphasised that if she were to go by the rules and drink the normal amount of 2lts plus all the tea/coffee/wine/juice she has, then she'd be having 4 litres too. Would that be unhealthy as well?
Yeah I know what you mean Lisa

I'm just going to ignore her for a bit, maybe when she realises what it is like not to have me to whinge at she will say sorry


I have plenty of people who are supportive :) My OH and my parents have been great and of course I have you wonderful people :D

Love you all you make this so much easier :)

I know Clare I've had all sorts said to me.
I mean do they think being 4 stone overweight isn't going to damage my organs *hits head*
Anyway I'm sure my kidneys are doing great now they and my liver don't have to contend with a bottle of wine a night LOL


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