unsupportive friends!


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there probably just jelous hun keep up the good work xx


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Some are jealous, some are scared for you, and some are ignorant of the benefits to your health.
Keep going Hun, WE'RE all on your side, and you're doing great!


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S: 12st11lb C: 8st13lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 3st12lb(30.17%)
still angry!! think its the fact weight watchers isnt wrking for her but no need to comment on the way i do things!!


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Ignore her, you're doing great...don't let her comments bring you down.



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ignore her hun, I had one of those recently and now I dont bother her with her anymore, nothing worth it and is probably jealous!! Don't let her get ya down and use it to your own advantage, unfortunately ya get some people who are like that! we are here to support ya when ever ya need it, who needs enemies when u have friends like that. U learn who your friends are, they come and go, the truth is by the way she is reacting to ya, she doesnt sound like much of a mate. U keeping girl!!


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hey hun, i had the same thing from my so called friends and family when i was on total food replacement with my own dad telling me that i looked like a heroin addict or their dog that was at the time dying of cancer, then he tried to tell me that i was happier at 18 stone and better off !!

i can also tell you that they are all now eating their words hun ! and the so called friends are no longer friends because they would've been supportive if they were true friends of mine ! seems they would rather me of stayed super morbidly obese and with huge health risks...JEALOUSY springs to mind

so please don't let them get you down, you are doing this for you,nobody else and when these so called friends of yours see you looking healthier,happier and gorgeous they will be eating their words i can promise you that, you can just stroll past with a smile on your face



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S: 12st11lb C: 8st13lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 3st12lb(30.17%)
ah thanks guys. well done on yer losses. WI tomor think im only goin to be down 2 pounds or sooo!!!! think i can only last one more week!


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I have the exact same thing as you guys, I think that my friends like having a "fat friend" to make them all look good... Well its time for them to realise that we're not just chubby backdrops for their facebook photos!!! I only joined this site like 6 days ago and I've never had such overwhelming support from anyone, you guys are all so great!!!


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Yep they just cant accept that we are going to change and be happy and look good!!

My sister keeps telling me just to eat something, or have a bite of her dinner, and yesterday she said i dont need to loose any more weight...

I remeber when i was skinny, I read her texts and she had asked her boyfriend if he thought i looked better than her and was skinnier than her, he had replied no because im "stocky* (even though im like super tall?)
So I think that she just doesnt want me to look ok again!!

Dont let all them *****es get us down girlies!! We are doing it for us and if they cant be happy for us when we are trying better our lives then we can find people who will!!


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Didnt see this yesterday!!!

What absolute B*stards!!!

your are doing so well hun and unfortuantely when we are finally doing something that DOESNT BENEFIT OTHER PEOPLE they want us to constantly trip!!

its unfortunate that "bigger" people tend to do more to please others, and spend less time on themselves, but as were all doing this to become true to ourselves and really feel great, otherpeople cant stand to see us happy, because it shows them they are not.

Best of luck with your weight loss, and rememeber there is a hundred and 1 people on this site that support you, and a handful in the real world that dont

Who do you need more?



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i have mostly fabulous feedback but today got a comment 'i don't think you look any different'. How that person can say that to me when literally every other person i know has raved about my weightloss!

BUT; since doing LT i have really picked myself and become more positive. I realised straight away it was jealousy. I brushed it off and actually said 'well i can see it and i am happy with the way i look!'

Whats bugging people though when i say i want to be a size 10 - don't think people could handle my future size 10 gorgeousness!


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my view is you will have some friends who may prefer you to be fat, as a status thing! However, most of your friends will care about you, so if you think they are supportive, it could be genuine. Bear in mind, when I first heard of this diet, I thought it couldn't possibly be healthy, but then i did my research..