Unsupportive OH !


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Does anyone else have a unsupportive OH ??
Started back on plan again last weds and went shopping Sat, OH was hungry so not a good start but then proceeded to chuck lots of crap in the trolley! We're talking :
Frozen eclairs
Caramel & creme eggs
Kit Kat Caramels
I said to him 'you're really not helping' and his excuse 'I'm hungry!'
In the car on the way home I said to him you're really not being very supportive and his reply was 'I'll put them all out of your way'.
He kinda isn't getting the point!
I'm having to cook two separate meals at the moment as he won't having anything WW and although I'm feeling strong at the moment I will have my weak moments.
Anyone else's OH like this ??
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hmmm, not really, my problem is my OH like the WW food and eats my treats!

Unfortunetly you just going to have to be extra strong if your see any naughty thing that you havent the points for.


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hi kay iv had this problem with with my OH because he doesnt feel how i do he doesnt get it!
I also make 2 different meals i have found it does get easier with time and my OH is starting to come round to eating healthy i think some time he looks over at my plate and see the it looks better then what he's having and although he wont admit that trying new healthy meals is not the worst thing in the world he is starting to try some of the meals i am having,
i dont feel tempted to raid the cookie jar anymore because i can have a treat if its within my points im sure if you leave him to it he will come round eventually iv learnt not to make a big deal about it and he dosent seem to notice less junk in the house :) stick with it, you wont always feel like this hun, hope this helps x


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Don't take him shopping!!!! Theres no way I let my oh shop with me lol. I then can control what I buy him - mainly things that aren't my biggest weakness!!! I do think its important to learn to control your eating, and therefore its a positive thing to learn to resist temptation, but at the same time we all have certain weaknesses!!!

My dh won't eat fish or much veg which can be a problem, he isn't even eally that into chicken. He won't eat quorn or a meat free dinner either.

Luckily my kids will eat whatever I am having, so I just adapt his slightly, for example cooking the veg separately. And I will do him a chop or sausages or whatever while cooking myself and the kids fish or whatever.

Mumma K

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It could be that he is a bit scared of supporting you as he maybe worried that once you have achieved your goal you may no longer want to be with him.
I think a lot of men go through that stage
I agree if its possible although i know its not always don't actually go shopping with him
while you are cooking two dinners you are pandering to him there is no need to cook differently for him there are loads of lovely ww recipes that will fool any man my hubby hasn't a clue his eating ww style all he noticed is that his trouser button can actually do up without him having to struggle and breath in like mad just add extra potato to his and tell him if he doesn't want it its time for him to cook for himself


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
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It depends on my OH's mood if he's supportive or not.
ATM he's not so supportive cos he's in a man mood!!!
Tonight we went to the gym and came home, i had my dinner and he took a full box of the ww carrot cake slices and ate every single slice!!!! Then he took the philly and dipped some crackers in it and then some cold meat on its own....he completely repulsed me and i could have strangled him!!! MEN!!!!

Sorry....i'm really on a I hate men mode just now...lol


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Well mine is doing WW too and sticking to it very well, but still gets to eat a lot more than me! :cry:

Don't cook two meals! If he doesn't want what you're having than make him do his own dinner. Does he ever cook for you?


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My husband can't seem to understand why I want to lose weight - he thinks I look fine as I am. I really don't care though and know that I would feel better about myself and feel healthier if I was a couple of stone lighter! I also try and avoid food shopping with my husband if possible - I spend too much if he comes along - lol. With regards to meals, my husband, son and his girlfriend all eat the same meals as me, I just tweak the proportions so that I have less meat. and carbs and more veg. I don't tend to buy choc or bisuits so if anyone wants them - they have go buy them themselves! Just remember you are doing this for you. Good luck.


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I totally agree with babooshka!! My Hubby said to me, you did so well on your diet this week, come on wer'll go out for a curry, not really the best treat and hubby! When is mum lost a lot of weight she left her partner of a long time because he was a P***K and she had a new found confidence. I think hubby thinks when I am slim I am suddenly going to decide I am too good for him and leave. I tried explaining to him that his mums should have left her partner regardless of her weight, because he was genuinly a nasty man.

OH prob a little scared. I told hubby not to worry he was stuck with me whether I was fat or thin and he seems a little more content now.

Hope he bucks his ideas up otherwise a swift kick up the a*** should do it haha!


Might get shouted at here but i think its unfair to force our food on our hubbys, if they want to buy food for them then let them...This is our journey and we have to be strong, mine is very good but wont eat my meals.


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Might get shouted at here but i think its unfair to force our food on our hubbys, if they want to buy food for them then let them...This is our journey and we have to be strong, mine is very good but wont eat my meals.

I agree with this to a certain extent!


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Purple star is right, don't take him shopping. Plan your menu and you go and he gets what you prepare - tough love, he might even love it. Hope things get easier - virtual hugs :)