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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum and I'm considering starting Lipotrim...
My friend recently went on Lipotrim to lose some weight for our holiday, (nearly a stone & half in a month!) she looked amazing and I started thinking about this diet too.

I have PCOS and I hear Lipotrim is really good for people with PCOS, anyone on here in this boat? I've tried a few times to lose weight with dieticians (but they all seem to be really patronising and thin!! lol) and now I just want results but I don't want to do something that would put my health at risk and make me feel worse about my PCOS, am I being silly?

I've got a few questions if you guys dont mind?

Is it worth trying to quit smoking at the same time? Or is that a will-power overload? I'm unsure whether to quit smoking before I start on the diet in case it has negative effects. Would it be ok to smoke whilst on the diet?

How tasty are the shakes?
How easy do you guys find it to stick to?
Don't you miss alcohol a little bit? lol
Can you tell I'm a student? haha!

Thanks guys, any feedback would be hugely appreciated!!

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Hi there and welcome to the forum :)

Is it worth trying to quit smoking at the same time?

Well I quit smoking before starting Lipotrim and then found myself back on the smokes after about a week of no food lol. However, several people on here have quit smoking whilst on LT - they figured they couldn't put weight on if they weren't allowed to eat. :)

How tasty are the shakes?

I'll be completely honest with you - when I started the shakes made me gag and heave so much I was very nearly sick with every one. However, you do get used to them and learn to love them. I thought there was no way I'd ever look forward to one but now I do every single day! The thing is at first you will be able to taste all of the vitamins and minerals in the drinks but after a few days that disappears and you just get the flavour.

How easy do you guys find it to stick to?

Once you've been on this diet for a few weeks it becomes routine and part of your life so it becomes very easy to stick to. Temptation is always there, be it on TV, radio or the smell you get when walking past a restaurant but you form a sense of detachment from food where you know you'd like to eat but you also know that you really don't need to. That is the major turning point. The first week or two however is notoriously difficult so you need to prepare yourself for that.

Don't you miss alcohol a little bit?

Short answer to that is yes lol. Every so often I'll joke to my boyfriend that we should just go out and get drunk but I want to be thin more than I want to be drunk. Social occasions are only as difficult as you make them. Some people avoid them like the plague (myself included) and some go along happily and sip water all night.

I hope that was at least slightly helpful to you :)

Welcome again,

~Gem xx
hey hun, some people love the shakes and some people hate the shakes to start with, but give them a few days and you end up loving them either way. i must admit though, i just get chocolate ones because i like them the most!!

alcohol is a bit of a downfall of mine too, but once you see the weight coming off bigtime it gives you incentive to stick to it, food and alcohol can come back in moderation once you have reached your goal weight and you can go out on the piss in all ya new clothes that u can wear!!

everyone on this forum is great for support in helping you stick to it.

good luck with whatever u decide xx
Hi, I to have PCOS and find any diet that is low carb like LT or Atkins even suit my body so much more. Havin PCOS as you prob know affects the way your bady takes carbs hence the weight gain -that with the lovely hormone imbalance!:mad:

I feel soooo much better on LT, truly. I'm waiting a few weeks until I'm truly comfortable until I try to quit smoking -even then I'm goin on the herbals cus I do lean on them and need this weight shifted!

I dont miss alcohol at all -only when nights out or events loom and I'm worried what ppl will say -no one knows I'm doing this and for some reason some folks seem to take it personally when I choose not to drink! lol

I love wine but am looking forward to being skinny and enjoying some red without all the guilt and worry.

Would it be ok to smoke whilst on the diet? i do and never had a problem way i see it only enjoyment i get at the minute lol

How tasty are the shakes? they not to bad and do get better
How easy do you guys find it to stick to? just have to have willpower.
Don't you miss alcohol a little bit? lol i havent got this problem as i dont drink alcohol at all
I must agree with Rainbowbrite in the fact that the shakes made me gag to start with.
I still drink them down in one (bit of a habit now I think) but they do taste nice after a few days HONEST. Just persevere with it.
I dont like the chicken but thats the only one my hubby likes & he adds different spices to it to vary it lol.
& I will say try the flapjacks at your own peril lol (but I have seen people on here that actually eat them)

I miss going out cos me & hubby only ever went for meals (hence why we are both on LT now) BUT the results are so fantastic & I know I will look fantastic the next tiem we go out for a meal & am PRAYING I will have some self control & not order everything off the menu.

I quit smoking before LT but since starting LT I think if I could of afforded it I would of bought a packet of cigs lol

Good luck with it if you decide to join us
Welcome to the forum. I think Gemma has said it all so hopefully you found her answers useful. I would just add that if you decide to start LT then be aware that the first week or 2 is the very hardest and many fall at that first hurdle. All I would say is,having paid your money, give the first week a go, without cheating, and you will be thrilled with your first WI results. Clear your diary for that week and just do what you have to do (like go to lectures!) and plan to pamper yourself in the evenings with hot baths and the such.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing. There is always someone on here who will help you so don't be shy!

Thanks for all the quick replies guys! I'm a littlle overwhelmed :)
I think Rainbow brite put it best
'I want to be thin more than I want to be drunk'

I think I will give it a go... I've got a day off on thursday so will probably go to the clinic then and get registered!

Thanks for all the support already :D I'll let you girls know how I get on. I think the hardest part will be the first week and not drinking, but I think perseverence is the key, hopefully it'll be worth it in the end!

I just can't wait to go home from uni and (fingers crossed) show off my improved figure to the family!

Thanks again, you all seem like a great bunch!
I'll keep you updated
one tip: make shakes with more water than stated - that way you get more water intake and they also taste better.


Peace Love Happiness
Awww, to be a student again.

My only contribution is re smoking, for me, I think I had to give up both food and smoking, because they seem kind of related, oral addictions or something....

Anyway good luck and enjoy every single second of being a student, you are young and beautiful!

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