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Update for me - disaster :/


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Well I have been doing SW unsuccesfully for two weeks now. The week after I joined I thought I had done really well up until the weekend (10th) my sister came up for a suprise visit and we ended up having wine, bread, cheese and cake but not huge amounts (as in I didn't STUFF my face) so I was hugely disappointed to have gained at WI last week. I actually cried :(

The week following up to today I had been extra good following EE as much as possible and filling up on snacks of Fruit and Veg which I never used to do...but I went to Devon this weekend with my OH to visit his Grandparents and they use lots of traditional methods to their cooking - no low fat alternatives and as they live right by the sea it was lots of chips.

I am just such a failiure already. I am not going to attend tonight and take it as a weeks holiday because I don't need the disappointment again. I just need some positive vibes from you guys to get me back on the wagon after such an immediate failiure.

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Just a thought,but why not go to class, get the bad news. (it might not be as bad as you think after all it was just a weekend!!) draw a line under it and start again. Other than that I am sending you hundreds of happy/positive vibes x

Wee Doll

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awww hun just draw a line under it all and start over

you know what your spose to be eating and seem to be able to follow it untill the weekend ... so prepare for the weekend in advance .... make some food when your cooking dinner during the week and freeze it for the weekend

make sure your counting your syns and your weighing your hex's

I know how it feels after you have had a gain its not a great feeling and you just want to go home and eat more but dont let it get to you

you started sw for a reason and you had a goal in mind so dont forget what they were .... dust your wee self off and start again

xxx good luck xxx


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awwwwwww don't be so hard on yourself! we all have times we fail at things and make mistakes or go off plan and gain, it's just life! you can't beat yourself up over it. you should go to class, because if you don't you might take it as an excuse to be 'off plan' and put more on. try it for 7 days solid at 100%, prepare for the weekends now, think about what youve got planned and how you can get around it. you can do it! xx


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Although its hard the best thing you can do is attend class tonight, it may not be as bad as expected. Once you miss a week because you think you have gained it will happen all the time and its a slippery slope. You know why its happened, and I am presuming that you are now back on plan? dont beat yourself up, its just not worth it just draw a line and move on x


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Firstly, you are not a failure until you give up. And you're not going to do that, are you? Draw a line under what has happened and move on. We've all been there and it's hard, but only you can do this and you need to take control of your life, not let it control you. Once you are in control you will feel so much better. You need to constantly remind yourself why you are doing this, stick to the plan and you WILL see results. The spiral will then be upwards and positive and not the downwards, negative trap you're in at the moment.

Go on, you can do it - I did and there are so many more like me on here :D


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I would definately go to class, I've been in this situation many times and have left SW many times too, just cos after missing one week I couldn't face the thought of how bad the damage was.

Like everyone else has said, go to class, draw a line and start from here - it'll be onwards and downwards on the scales!

Good luck x x


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Been there done got the t-shirt, best step to move forward is acceptance and going to class, your group will be supportive and be a closure for you and fresh new week. Remember SW is for life and you can get back on the wagon anytime, believe in yourself :)

Mrs V

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I have to agree with the others Hun...dont avoid going to class, these things happen, its called life and you shouldnt beat yourself up over it.
As long as you get back on track and make sure that you are varying what you eat, then next week you will see a loss. It sometimes takes a week for our efforts to show on the scales, so dont avoid them now! Its a slippery slope that can end up with you avoiding class every time you have a day over your allowance and rather than facing the scales and moving forward, you may end up gaining everything that you have lost and more and then the cycle of misery will begin again!



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Please go to class. I didnt want to go as i was convinced that i would have gained. You continually hear stories at class about people that loose that shouldnt have also people that have gained that shouldnt have. We are all in the same boat and it will be better for you to go and get it over with and start a fresh tomorrow.


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Oh try not to be too hard on yourself it may not be as bad as you think.
i really hope that you change your mind & go to class.

If you have had a gain then you know why - at least it won't be a shock, but by not going you arn't going to know either way, you might just get a nice suprise, I know I have in the past!!

Not going because of things like this is a slippery slope, before you know it if you have another bad week you will do that same again & then it won't do your motivation to stay on track any good.

Please please go to class - we're all here for you afterwards :)


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Do you know something I could have written this post myself! However Ive decided to go to class this week. If you go Ill go :p


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Well you have 2 options!

1. Got to class and feel a bit embarrassed if you've put on. Then sit through image therapy, discuss with consultant and class members what went wrong and get advice for how to deal with this. You come away all positive and ready for the coming week.

2. Don't go to class and promise to get back track tomorrow. Okay you avoid the embarrassment but if you're honest with yourself all that's going to happen is that you carry on feeling crap and continue to make bad choices. Then you think oh well might as well miss next week's class too and you keep promising to get back on plan. But there will be other events, nights out or temptations and if you're not prepared for them you will revert to old habits. Before you know it you've stopped going to class at all and putting on weight again.

So the choice is yours!


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The question is - Did you go? and what happened?

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