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Hello everyone

I have been inspired to read how well you are all doing! I have been off the wagon for a few weeks, messing around with the same few pounds.

I have given myself an ultimatum - LL is the best thing that I have ever done, and I LOVE the meetings and support. However, I have told myself that this is my last week of messing around - LL is too expensive to waste and as it is I'm going to have to spend money on development weeks which i wouldnt have done if i had been focussed.

So for all to see - If I do not follow the plan this week, then I will not let myself go to the meeting next week.

I think this will motivate me - the meetings are what i love so fingers crossed! I think I might be posting a bit more over the next couple of days hopefully, as i follow the rocky road back to ketosis!

Another thing which i have been thinking about a lot is my 'goal'. I have always wanted to be 12.7 for all the diets I have done - yet with LL I set my goals much lower. I have now decided to go back to what I need to do for myself - so I will move to management when I am 12.7 - only 21lbs away. That will also mean a total loss of 4 stone for me - quite a landmark.

I feel better and more in control since this change - I have no idea why it has stuck in my head as that number. When I reach my goal i will reassess what I want, and look at whether i have the body and health I desire. I would like to lose a little more than 12.7 (another 10lbs maybe) to give me a buffer for my wedding and honeymoon, but at this point, 12.7 is where I am going - and as fast as possible too!:superwoman:

Thanks for listening!

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Well done slim bride! Can I suggest a change in the message to yourself? How about I can & will do this! No discussion or argument with yourself - just NO. This may seem simple but has worked for me so far! Look how far you have come & how close you are!! Envisage yourself wafting down the isle, lithe & confident safe in the knowledge that you have acheived so much!! Hang in there and hope they withdrawal symptoms arent horrendous for you. Thats one thing that stops me cheating - really could not face that again as felt SO ill!! Hope you get through it!

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