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Uphill struggle...

Hi all, room for another one? I'm desperately trying to lose weight at the moment as I've simply reached the end of my tether with being overweight and all the problems it causes. I've recently been referred to the hospital with joint pain and of course it's 99% to do with being overweight for so much of my life. In my time I've tried every diet I've found, but nothing has ever worked particularly well. I could never work out why I always had such a hard time of it when I specifically made the point of eating and exercising exactly the same as my friends, and they had no problems at all. Then a few years ago I went to the doctors after suffering with really bad, heavy and constant periods (to the point where I had to be treated for anaemia), and it was then that I was diagnosed with PCOS and I found out that it may be linked to the difficulties I've faced when trying to lose weight. Since then I've been on the pill to regulate the periods and have tried 'normally' to lose weight, calorie counting and exercise etc. But after a recent problem with my eye I had to go on steroids for 6 months and ballooned up to the heaviest I've ever been. And now I've just had enough.

Though I loath to blame something for all this (I still would like to think I could lose weight normally), I'm really at the point where I think PCOS has definitely had a bearing on my struggles to lose weight. My doctor has now given me Xenical and I'm doing OK so far on the low fat diet (willpower has never really been the issue). I'm also on the Wii fit every night (265 kcal target per night!) and in the first week I lost 6lbs (lovely, but still just a drop in the ocean) – I've my second weigh in tonight. In total I have around 8st to lose, and even though I'm 100% committed and have the help of the doctor, I can see it's going to be a hard road. Ugh!

So here I am. I really hope it works this time as after this I'm out of ideas! Everyone's stories give me hope, and it's lovely to know I'm not the only one fighting an uphill battle...especially when I read that people are really winning!

Best wishes to all who are on, or are about to begin this weight loss journey!

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Have you thought about trying the South Beach diet? There's lots of evidence that it is good for PCOS and insulin resistance.

I am going to start Wii Fit again tomorrow. I got Wii Fit plus for Xmas and still haven't opened it :eek:. How's it going for you? How did last night's weigh in go?
Hi Maynie, I tried South Beach many, many years ago but if this doesn't work then I'll probably give it another go. I really want to make it work now! At my last weigh in the other day I lost 1 lb - I was hoping for a lot more but perhaps the slow down is just my body adjusting to the changes (I was really good, kept up the exercising and started the Xenical end everything so not sure why else it could be) ... anyway fingers crossed for next week.

I love the Wii Fit! You should give it a go - I'm hooked on the hula hooping, and have even been on the jogging and cycling tracks too. Love it! I find it quite useful for making sure I do a set amount of exercise each day (you can set daily goals) and given the rubbish weather we've been having it's nice to go jogging round a sunny island... even if it is just on the TV screen! I'd say not to pay much attention to the Wii Fit Age though - it changes wildly every day! Hope you get the chance to start it soon, and let me know how you get on with it!


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