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Upset and down......

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My parents are moving on wedensday and Im absolutley gutted :cry:.

My dad has been relocated with his job and they are moving 500 miles away. Ive known for months and have been slowly getting used to the idea, putting on a brave face etc etc yet they have just been round and Ive got so upset.

My son (6) is disraught that he wont see nanna and grandad which of course makes me upset when hes sad.

Im really close to my mum have lived near her for over 7 years and see her practically every day so this is big upheaval to me (as well as them obviously).

Im going round on sunday to say my final goodbyes and family are going round and Im sat here crying just thinking about it.

Sorry for the pointless post just wanted to vent a bit........x
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Oh Foxychic - you poor thing. I can only start to imagine how sad you must be feeling. I have no advice I'm afraid - just a big cyber-hug to send your way.

Oh you poor love. :(

I don't know how I'd have managed these last few years without my parents although they are an hour away - which is just enough! 500 miles is a long hop though - are you close to airports so you could fly up for a weekend?
I can understand why you are upset. But you could both use skype, webcam and talk on the phone. And plan times when you can visit each other. Encourage your son to write letters to them.

Irene xx
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My mum lives in Australia so I know how difficult it can be.

Phone calls, webcam, ect do help a lot when the distance is big :(


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You poor thing, that's terrible for you. I'd recommend a webcam too, we use it for my kids to see their grandparents 300 miles away and it does help them seem closer. Hugs to you x
This is so tough for everyone involved. I have always lived near my parents (2 streets away) and 3 years ago, we moved to Canada. My youngest son was only 6 at the time and he was very close to my mum. I also have 3 other kids who had always had nana and grandad there and it was a big upheaval for everyone.
Although, obviously it was very very hard and we all missed each other dreadfully, we made sure our phone package included lots of free minutes to the UK and spoke at least every other day, even if it were only for 10 mins.
As you will still be in the same country, you can set up packages with your phone provider to get cheap and even free calls, and make use of msn, skype etc.
I can't promise you it will be easy, cos of course it won't be, but with technology as advanced as it is, even though you won't see each other as often, you are always going to be just a phone call away. And if you get a family rail card, you can travel cheaply on the train for visits, which kids love as it is kind of like a little adventure for them, and as has already been mentioned, you can pick up ridiculously cheap flights these days.
You will always be close whether you are 5 miles or 500 miles away. Who knows, it may not be forever.(it wasn'tfor us, we are now back but looking to return to Canada in the future!) X


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Sending lots of hugs! I feel your sadness just reading the post.

My grandparents were a big part of my life but my children don't have that and that makes me sad sometimes too.

Best wishes xx
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Oh lovey, big hugs coming your way. I would be just the same as you, although I'm nowhere as close to my mum as you are (relationship wise), I would still find it so hard to say goodbye.

Get ready for a couple of [email protected] weeks and give yourself time to come to terms with it.

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I can understand why you are upset. But you could both use skype, webcam and talk on the phone. And plan times when you can visit each other. Encourage your son to write letters to them.

Irene xx
You all love each other so it will not be a problem you will find a way!!!!!

Hugs xxxxx


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Aw Hun! I know how you feel, my son and family relocated to the Isle of Lewis, but skype is wonderful.

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