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Im so upset at the mo,im bloody starving from eating a pack of crisps on mon eve:sigh:,anyhow thtas done now, i spoke to my mum today and when i told her i had lost 2lbs of 2 stone, she was like "oh ok the lady next door has had a look at the cd website and she said its not safe", mum then changed the subject, i was so hurt that at least she could of said well done irrespective wether she agrees or not,so im noe feel like binge eating as im so upset but i no i cant otherwise ill blow it :(
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Aww sweetheart huggss... I know how it feels. But remember once you've lost all the weight you'll look fantastically sexiously delicious and nobody will be able to take their eyes of you not even your mother. We all feel down it's natural. I was at the gym today and I felt so disgusted at my fat belly, but it's only the first week for me so I know it matter of few weeks (13 to be precise) I will be looking and feeling great. Take us as your family and come to us and we'll all support you. :)
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Ah Maheen that is a lovely and supportive post.
Never take a mothers advice or expect comments of support cause if shes anything like my mother you won't get them.

As Maheen said use us peeps on minimins as your family for your cd journey,I have lost 69lbs since i started in aug09 and def could not have done it without the support on here.

Stick with it love and we will all have the last laugh!!!!!! xxxx
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Nope you can't binge eat - you really wouldn't want to do that as you'd feel worse for days than you do now and we def don't want that.

You should soon be in ketosis following the crisps and you'll begin to feel better then.

Re your mum, it's really difficult to know what to say on this one as there could be so many reasons as to why she was like that --- think you have to look at it as someone who loves you and is worried about you and what 'could' happen to you, she's also going off what someone else has told her from a website and you know how people can read things and also how they describe/explain things to others. So though you didn't hear what you want to hear (bl**dy big well done for all you've lost) the reasons why you didn't could be out of love and care for you and you can't beat that.

Keep strong and just know for yourself how well you've done and hopefully that will keep you spurred on xx


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Slimwannabe who's a gonnabe.. thanks hunn... my mother isn't that bad but because I have history of cancer and she has seen me suffer a lot she just feels sorry for me. But after my father has explained to her why I am doing this she is now considerate. But yes, we are all here for one purpose one goal; lose weight, so when we are all travelling on the same route to the same destination it would be silly not to support each other.
If you have beatin Cancer than you can DEFO beat them hunger thoughts in your head hun!! Stay stong you CAN do this and you WILL do this and get though it and to goal yay!! People who dont know about the diet wont understand about the diet and believe anything they read off the internet. Dont worry to much about your mum hun she will come round when she see's you shrinking and feeling great about yourself she is just worried about you after going through such a terrible time having cancer i think ANY MOTHER would be the same. Your doing really well hun WELL DONE ~CLAPS~ on your 2lb loss thats great hehe!! :D That should really keep you motivated to lose the next 2lb (maybe even more) Chin up start to think about getting to goal and how you will feel when you get there. Stay strong and we are ALL here to help and support you when EVER you need cheering up or a bit of a laugh and a giggle (poo threads) PM me if you need to chat hun. Remember you can do this <3 xxxx
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my mum's like that. it's not safe, you shouldn't do it. you're getting too thin etc etc

she was like that when i was breastfeeding my son... when are you going to stop, it's not great carrying on this long.. get him on the bottle.

mothers lol - you love them and you could throttle them at times too.


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Hun I now how you feel, I was feeling really low a couple of weeks ago because I had absolutely no support what so ever doing CD. Even though my mum has done the diet, she still won't talk to me about it. My dad has even asked me not to mention it anymore because apparently seeing me struggle upsets my mum and he doesn't want that. So apart from the people on here and my CDC I have no-one.

But with the help of the people I've met on here, I managed to get my head back into gear and find my focus again. It's not an easy diet, there are times when it's easier just to give in, but don't give up, we're all here to help xxx


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Whatever it is in life we make mistakes. After all we are human right. We don't scream at ourselves when we break a glass, we sigh get a brush and clean up and try to be careful. We don't burst into tears when we've spent a little more than we've anticipated, we learn to manage our finances. Although CD is about our health and inner soul but remember that soul needs time and motivation to leave years of neglect and bad habbits and to move on to a better, brighter and beautiful new dawn. Don't let the darkness of yesterday hide your today and tomorrow's brightness. Pick up where you left off from and fight back. Try again and again and again till you succeed and stand high with grace and pride. :)
wow maheen what a lovely post, i wanted to give you some rep for that but i gave you some tonight on another wonderfull post you left so it wouldnt let me LOL so i thought i'd just tell you on here. Maybe someone else could give you some Rep for that post i think it was said perfectly :D xxx
Sally hun i think your wonderful and doing so great on this diet.. amazingly well. I am ALWAYS here when EVER you need to talk hun just wanted to let you know that because you really are a wonderful person spreading around inspiration to everyone on here. xxx


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S: 13st3lb G: 9st4lb
awwwe Tasha thank you soo much.. I do get philosophical at times but I am in the same boat. We can only expect to be helped when we can help others too. If my posts are of any use I can post all day- it would give me emense pleasure to help someone here. :)
I wanna carry you around in my pocket so you can tell me things like you posts all day. I might end up being your little stalker on here waiting for you to post your inspirational words haha! Your right we are all in the same boat this site is a god send for me i couldnt have done CD with out the people on here xxx


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Ah she's just worried, my wee mammy's the same telling me to eat "sensibly" and i look good "at 15 stone, healthy".

Its a mums nature to worry, I've found the best way to deal with it si smile and nod, come on here for support and just let the results speak for themselves.

Stay strong hunni :D

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