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Urgent: 3 weeks andd scales not budging

Hi - I'm a recently qualified counsellor in Dublin. I have one client who is SS and sticking to it 100% (and I know for a fact she is - if it were someone else I'd query - but without a shadow of a doubt she's sticking to it).

Anyway, first week loss was 7lb, second was 3 and last two weeks she hasn't lost and this week is looking the same (same scales used for all weigh-ins ...inch measurements aren't budging that much either). She's drinking 3 litres of water a day and only taking the packs (3 a day). I've advised to try the gluten free selection (as I suspect she may have gluten intolerances). She has done this but still nothing. Has anyone else had this problem ? What do you do, what have you found or what do you recommend?

I know the scales is only a tool, but I do find myself saying - next week we'll see a difference, but its not happening so I can see she's disheartened (and so am I to be honest although doing my best not to show it)

Any help/advise/suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Hopefully one of the counsellors will come on and give you a definate answer... but it does seem really strange, are you sure she is not telling porkies about sticking 100%

Is she doing too much exercise?

I have no idea to be honest.


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PS... she she definately sticking to water. Some people try the flavoured water, or add o cal cordial and that could make a difference.
Sounds unusual but i had 2 weeks no loss along the way was SS and 100% although on those weeks i was drinking coke zero (something i DONT do now) it did *i think* stall my losses a little

Must be awful not losing... i'd lose the will to live after a couple of weeks no loss :( poor lady
No Ideas -- is she wearing heavier clothes? She's not drinking a lot of water before her weigh in? i once drank a litre on the way to my counsellor's and showed a gain... which I later wee'd away. Water is heavy.

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