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Urgent Help - Cllr Quit As Of Now


Please help. My cllr has just text and said that she's quitting. I'm on week 9 and don't want to give up. We can buy stock off her but I want the counselling too and am not willing to pay 66 pounds just for the stock. I am out of the country and finding it hard enough without this. I am unable to contact anyone from my group. What can I do. I'm really panicking as I don't want all of this taken away from me.

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i love minimins me :)

i dont really have the answer, but just wanted to say hello and send some **hugs** ya way, and hope ya get things sorted soon, is there not another llc in ur area?
am sure someone will be along soon to help ya



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Hi Maxie,

could you not call head office and ask about another LLC in ur area. failing that, why not hop over to CD and get counselling from an independant Cognitive Behavioural Therapist? lots of great ones around. where theres a will theres a way and u seem to be committed enuff to ur diet to get something worked out, try not to worry.

good luck xxxxx
Oh Maxie - that is really scarey. I haven't even started LL yet so I am far from an expert but what I will say is that it is you who has lost the weight so far and not your cllr.

Sounds like you will have a rough patch coming up but I am sure you can get through it if you are already on week9.

I would try emailing LL through their website and see if you can find another cllr in your area. Alternatively ask your ex cllr to give share the groups email addresses with you.

Chin up - you can do it Cllr or no Cllr.
poor you! I agree, contact head office they may have someone waiting in the wings. I guess your group could agree to meet up independently and work through the book. Can she really just quit like that? What does it say in the contract thingy? I would have thought she, or at least LL, would have a moral obligation to see you out of foundation.
Oh blimey.. sure I would panic at first too but some good advice here.. getin touch with LL.. they may even have "locums" to cover the patch for a while.. Or go to another one if poss.. or become the LLC yourself!!!!! hee hee.. why not?

CD is always a very good option.. may even do that myself at the end of foundation..

Sending you a big (((hug)))).. we'll be here for you whatever you decide!!!
Still don't know what to do...rep[ly from head office only mentioned colelcting foodpacks, so no other options available. Not sure how I could discuss joining another group as on week 9. Think I may switch to cambridge for a while and then do foundation...

What a mess. I was worried I could'n't do 100 days and now I feel as though it might be taken away I really don't want it to be!

Hey MaxieP

Is there a chance you can contact other members of your group. Maybe look for another session around what terrible news,:( try to keep your chin up.


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is there not another Counsellor fairly near to you? I would have thought that surrounding counsellors would take on your counsellors exising clients??
go to the LL website and go onto find a counsellor link, when you put your details in it gives you the five closest counsellors to you, call them and see what they say. What area are you in honey?


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Maxi, just caught up with your thread. Very sorry to hear about this.

Disappointed that LLC texted you and didn't even speak on the phone to tell you. She should at least have given you some real options, telephone numbers, advice (apart from buying a load of packs from her, that is!).

I am surprised that HO have not been more helpful too, giving you more information about other counsellors nearby, and indeed, contacting all the clients of this counsellor who is giving up, offering support and advice.

I'm not impressed.

CD is probably a better option if there are no LLC's in reasonable distance. However, I would also suggest that you find a CBT counsellor (independent) and carry on getting that sort of support. I know of other posters who go to an independent CBT counsellor for extra support, and they have found it valuable.

Please, please update us with what's happening Maxi, and do take the support and advice offered here on Minis.


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Suspect we are with the same LLC - in Lichfield?

I got the same on wednesday night and am totally disgusted with LL as they expected us to commit for a certain period and yet there is zero support from them.

I have found a Cambridge Counsellor in Lich who has agreed to take me on and I start on monday - no gap in program.

I am in week 12 and was surprised how vulnerable this made me feel - and I will go nowehere near LL again as they have made no attempt to help us.

If you can't find details and you are in Lich - just PM me if you want and I'll give you the details.

Cheers and good luck

Hi All,

Thanks for your help and support. I think I felt so vulnerable as I was on a field trip abroad with many people who didn't know I was doing LL. I found it pretty hard, as meals were provided and I didn;t know the people I was with that well. But, I stuck with it and didn't cheat at all. I felt so annoyed when I found out that the cllr was leaving, with less than a week's notice, it really emphasised how much I wanted to carry on. I've had limited net access as I've been away. I got home to find a letter from head office, advising that the local councillors are willing to take us on. I think I'm going to stick with this and am going on Weds night. I was tempted to switch to Cambridge, but am tempted to stick with what I know.

Thanks for the mail Mindless, suspected we may visit the same cllr as I saw you post on a Monday evening before. May have even seen you a couple of weeks ago, when there were some ladies still there when the men arrived for their meeting. Well done on your progress so far, hope the Cambridge plan works for you.

Thanks again for all your help.



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Maxie, I am so pleased that (a) you stuck to the programme though an extremely stressful time and (b) you have been able to resolve the problem.

Keep us posted on how your're doing.



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As AJ says you did really well to stick to the programme while away from home and with people you don't know, well done for that.

Hope that you find your new counsellor is a good one and that your new class suits you.



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Hi Maxie,

Good luck for the new counsellor tonight, really hope it works out. I was at Lichfield too (week 5) and was also abroad when I got the text - not impressed! I've not had a letter from LL head office though which is a bit worrying...:eek:

I really want to carry on with LL but can't make Wednesday nights though - the new LLC's going to get back to me later today hopefully... :(

Anyway, hope all goes well,

Ois x

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