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Urgento - chinese, what **could** I have


Fat busting crime fighter


Fat busting crime fighter
^^Thanks xx

Ive been doing atkins almost 3.5 weeks now and this was my first stray off the diet.
All I have to say was that i found it DISGUSTING. Very very salty and greasy.
Atkins sure make you appreciate fresh produce cooked in simple terms with no added fats, sugars and salts.
I only ate a quarter of it.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Bit late here, but I reckon you could have a foo yung dish - chicken, pork, beef or king prawn. It's like a scrambled egg or omelette dish depending on how the restaurant serves it. It will probably come with onion and peas mixed in so you could leave some or all of those depending on which stage you're on. Also I'm guessing they probably make it with a splash of milk, so count in *some* hidden carb content.

British-Chinese is one of the worst for Atkins in the UK, though. I'm sure not *quite* so many dishes come deep fried in batter in yer actual China...
Your right there LM, I lived and worked in Hong Kong and Singapore and the food there is nothing like Chines in the UK, that's why they are all so skinny, despite eating a lot of rice.
I loved it LM, I've been lucky really, firstly I was an Army brat and got to live in loads of nice countries in between term time, secondly I served in loads of nice places myself. Then when I'd left the Army I worked for a big IT International that sent me all around the world. :D

I do like to see different cultures.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Aha, another army brat! Daughter of a retired Royal Engineer here, we mostly moved around in the UK but I did get to live in Belgium and The Gambia, which was amazing. My parents got married in Singapore - we sent them back there for their 40th anniversary a couple of years back.

(Sorry guys, we are way off topic here!)

also off topic, I just posted a bunch of photo's from the Tolkien weekend here in Birmingham. :D


I used to work in a chinese takeaway and what the owners had for dinner was nothing like what was on the menu. Lovely fresh food, and different, fresh crab etc which I thought was lovely but most people wouldn't eat.

Oh :bliss:
spot on lexie, genuine Chinese food is great, and very regional as well. Szechuan is totally different Cantonese and Honan is different again.

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