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Urgh I'm ill... any advice gratefully received.

I woke up this morning at 730am with terrible stomach pains, desperate for the loo. I went and twenty minutes later threw up.

Until around 2pm, I had terrible diahrreoa, sickness and stomach cramps.

I didn't eat anything but couldn't keep down a glass of water. I've been sipping water all day - and that seems to be okay.

After about 2pm, I went boiling hot on my head, but my entire body was very very cold and I was shivering. I felt dazed, confused and it was a little difficult to walk or concentrate on anything.

I've had a couple of hours sleep, but I'm still very hot. No more diahrreoa (fingers crossed) or sickness, but I'm still a bit dazed.

I rang NHS Direct who told me to see the out of hours GP at my practice. I rang them, and they told me I had to come and sit and wait somewhere about 8 miles from me. I explained I was ill and struggling to keep my balance ... and also alone. I asked for the GP to come to me.

They said there was nothing they could do and if I needed a GP, this was the only way.

Does anyone have any suggestions? What have I got? What can I do tonight to make myself feel better. I'm feeling a bit weepy and just generally very crap.

I don't think it's anything I've eaten as I've been doing green days... so literally all I've had for the last week or so is potatoes, rice, pasta, tomatoes, veg etc, beans, bran flakes and a bit of milk and cheese. No meat for over a week.

If you've got any suggestions, I'd be most grateful. As usual, the NHS are a complete waste of time...
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I forgot to mention, I also have a really sore neck and a bit of a headache.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do/what pills I can try etc... I'd be so so grateful and I'm feeling really rubbish right now.


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Phone back your Doctors again and tell them about the sore neck and headache. Ask again for them to come out stress the fact that you're unable to walk at the moment and that there is absolutley no way you can get there. Even better s there someone who can call for you.

Hope you start to feel better soon

Thanks Sue. I've called them three times now and they simply won't come out. If I'm still as bad tomorrow, I'll personally speak to my GP and ask her to come.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping someone can suggest something that can make me feel better right now as I can't tell you how rubbish I feel! I've been ill before (obviously!) but never this bad... I feel really woozy and weepy and in pain...


Just follow the plan
Take some paracetamol, that will help with the temperature. Just make sure you drink plenty, even if you bring it back up again you need to make sure you dont get dehydrated. My whole family have had the same this week, my son came back from Scout camp with it and one by one we all got it. I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow but if you get any more symptoms phone the docs again. (PS I am no doctor, just a Mum with experience lol)

Take care xx

Paracetamol and ibuprofen x 2

Cooled boiled water to sip even if it comes back up you will be suprised what you retain

Damp flannel for hot sweats

Ginger biscuit for sickness

Flat coke to rehydrate your sugar loss

... If you feel really poorly then call 999 .. they would rather have a false alarm then you be dead in your bed!!!
Just make sure you take taxi fare home with you.

Hope you feel better soon


Just follow the plan
Great advice from Emski, dont worry if you dont have the ginger biscuit or coke but all those things will help. Its probably a viral infection, like the norovirus but there are others too.


I ate my willpower!
Sounds like the winter vomiting bug or food poisoning.

I had very similar symptoms to you and I was sent to hospital on the 3rd day of fever and sickness. It turned out I had Campylobactor which is like e-coli. The hospital put me on a drip but it took 2 weeks before I started to feel normal again!

If you are still ill tomorrow, go straight to A&E or call 999. I don't think your GP Surgery are allowed to refuse to come out. Have you told NHS Direct that the Dr is refusing to see you in your home?


In it to lose it
Some Dr's need shooting. Try and stay warm in bed. Make sure you let us know how you are doing tomorrow. Are you alone or is there someone with you. If you are alone do you have any friends that can pop and see you?


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have you checked for a rash? if you have one and your eyes are sensitive to light then call an ambulance!!!

if not, then try and get some rest and fluids.... it sounds like a bug. xx
Yeah there's no rash and I'm not struggling with light so think I can rule out meningitis.

Thanks everyone. It's probably just a bug... but for some reason it feels much much worse this time than when I've got something in the past.

I'm sipping some Lemsip. It's staying down for the moment. I figured that had paracetamol in it and was more likely to stay down if I sipped it than if I took pills. I don't have any coke (I have diet coke but I think that defeats the object!) or ginger nuts... but I honestly don't think I'd keep them down.

I am alone, but I'll be okay. I'll get on to the GP first thing tomorrow. Here's hoping this means I'll have a good loss this week!

Thanks everyone,


Just follow the plan
Well if you're still up have another one in 4 hours time (is it 4 hours for Lemsips) so that you should get a good nights sleep or at least be comfortable during the night.
Yeah, I'll have another - it's four hours.

Quick question for anyone who is in the know - I'm currently led in bed wearing tracksuit bottoms, a jumper and a dressing gown. The heating is on full blast and I'm under the covers. I'm still shivering.

Am I supposed to keep trying to make myself warm or does that make the fever worse? Should I ease off on the clothes a bit and try and put up with the shivering?
Had a similar experience with dd when she was a baby.

It seems most surgeries poole together for 1 out of hours emergency centre.

Seems the days of a doctor coming out are long gone!!

I'm no expert, bu would suggest the same as others paracetamol & ibuprophen if you have them, or maybe some night nurse. Generally means you can get a good sleep to sleep it off.

Hope you feel better soon.

Lisa x


I ate my willpower!
Yeah, I'll have another - it's four hours.

Quick question for anyone who is in the know - I'm currently led in bed wearing tracksuit bottoms, a jumper and a dressing gown. The heating is on full blast and I'm under the covers. I'm still shivering.

Am I supposed to keep trying to make myself warm does that make the fever worse? Should I ease off on the clothes a bit and try and put up with the shivering?
Blimey. Get them layers off and turn off the heating. You need to strip down. No wonder you are feeling so ill. You need to cool down quickly. I suggest a cool shower.

Once your temp is down, you should start to feel a lot better.
Thinner layers work better.. do you have pyjamas? so t-shirt then pjs.. then a sheet(or empty duvet cover) then the duvet.. do you have socks on.. put a couple of pairs of thin ones on rather than one pair if thick ones.. also your temp should go down after the lemsip.. do take more in 4 hours no matter how you are feeling.


Just follow the plan
Yeah, shivering isnt a problem, overheating is. Shivering is just a symptom of the bug, you go between hot and cold but overheating will make you feel ill.


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Paracetemol should bring the fever down. I had norovirus a couple months ago. It was GRIM!!!!! I was off work for 3 or 4 days with it. I could barely get out of bed for three days. Ugh!

Drink plenty... you need fluids more than ever right now. And sleep. If it's a virus, it'll eventually go. Just keep well rested to give your body the best chance of fighting this off. That's what I did anyway. And of course, there's no way of saying you've got the same thing.

Hope you're better soon!


Just follow the plan
Hope you're feeling better today Northernboi?
Hey Hun, how are you feeling today??
Just read your post...sorry not been able to reply before. I hope that you are feeling better.


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