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Urgh - that taught me a lesson

Went out for lunch with the kids today. Nowhere exciting, just a little cafe in a park. Now, normally when I'm out, I don't think too much about the diet, I just have whatever I fancy. But being veggie, there's not always much choice. So today it was cheese and onion pie.

Fine. But it was MASSIVE, and it came with a ton of chips and beans. I shared my chips with Evie (my 3 yr old daughter), but I hate waste, so I ate the rest, even though I was totally stuffed!

I used to eat that amount of stuff all the time, but I must now be used to healthier and smaller meals, because I've had stomach ache all afternoon, and just felt rubbish!

Never again, next time i go out, salad or jacket potato for me!
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Sometimes i think its good we realise these things! I know that sounds stupid, but by doing it once its made you realise you won't do it again x


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Yup, I agree, trial and error!! And sometimes it can actually be bengicial to try to be a naughty as we used to be!! The fact we can't manage it, or it makes us feel crap can often be a reminder of how far we've come!!

I had an awful, awful day today :( I ate so much crap, and didn't exercise...and I'm paying for it now with an almighty stomach ache. I feel like i'm going to be sick. Ugh! So yeah...lesson learnt here too!


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i think its brilliant that youve realised you cant eat the crap you used to,, im finding that out aswell and i def cant eat the portions i used to
yeh....i've had a bad weekend as well. been away which started out with great intentions and ended up with curry, burger, chips, cheesecake all in the space of 2 days! when i got home tonight, I had a slim fast for tea! Back on it!!! :) xx
Mmmm, cheesecake....!

I had a rubbish day today as well - my breakfast was a shake, and I had this really low cal (and delicious) soup for lunch but then I also had some cake, chocolate and a looooad of crisps, so not great. I'm just forgetting about this weekend and being strict on myself this week. There's really no point in beating yourself up over these things :D
i agree!! its one bad weekend and yeh...we kick ourselves for eating it but i suppose every now and again its ok to slip off the wagon and enjoy ourselves!! my new very own power plate should arrive tomorrow and i'm hoping my little plateau will finish this week (although i've probably put weight on this weekend - eek)
Keep it up ladies and don't let a little slip up ruin a good thing!
hope you all had a good weekend :)
Chel x

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