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useless information.... for inspiration

thought i'd post a few mindless bits of useless weight loss information. feel free to contribute :D

  • you need to burn 3500 cals a week to loose 1lb in weight.
  • you need to walk 5 miles to do your 10,000 steps a day.
  • the colder the water the more cals you burn as your body has to heat up the water for it to be digested.
  • you burn calories shivering.
  • interval training ups your metabolism for longer making you burn calories for longer enhancing your weight loss.
  • a classic.... 1lb of fat weighs the same as 1lb of muscle they're just a different density. muscle takes up less room in your body than fat and burns more calories in a resting state.

all i can think of right now.
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Re: useless information....

Is that actually true about the water!?
yep. if the water is cold then your body will expend energy to heat it up. expended energy is calories/kilojoules.
also found this out....

adding chilli powder to your meals (or shakes) gives your body a metabolism boost by around 50%

found this lovely website of ways to boost your metabolism

How to Speed Up Metabolism
  • you need to walk 5 miles to do your 10,000 steps a day.
Apparently naturally slim people average about 6000 steps a day on a normal day to day basis while overweight people average 2000 :eek:

Apparently we are more likely to take to the sofa earlier in the evening etc and have less activity built naturally into our day hence why it seems like such an effort in the first place to hit the 10000 steps
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