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Using Soup the SW way

Good Morning SW people,

Two days on the scales now I've seen no difference after my great start so I have been for a run - faster lurching stagger while counting lamp posts while no-one else is around :eek: and have a day or two using my version of the Speed Soup.

In the days when I would binge and fast I'd live on the soup for a few days but I'm expecting that to do it the SW way would be to still have the healthy extras? No problem with the A's - I'll still be having lots of hot drinks with soya milk (as I'm vegan). But do I need the Bs? In my soup there are lots of veggies and grains and pulses so I'm pretty well covered nutrition wise. I suppose some nuts wouldn't go amiss but I could live without them for a couple of days.

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You shouldn't really weigh yourself every day while you're trying to lose weight. It sounds to me like you are planning to live on soup so you won't be getting a varied diet if you do it for a few days. Hex's are there to provide a balanced and healthy diet so I would advise you to make sure to have them and to think twice about your strategy because it won't teach you much about healthy eating.
You're not going to see a difference in the scales over just 2 days. It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose 1lb, no matter how much speed soup and running you do, that's still not going to lose a pound over a couple of days - that's why we weigh in weekly!

Stick with it, stay off the scales and see what happens at your next official weigh in.
Also, just re-reading your original post, you really should follow the plan in it's entirity, and have the Healthy Extra's and the syns as well as the free and superfree foods - they're all important to the plan and it works best when you have all that you're allowed.

you are of course right. I do find weighing myself helps me keep motivated though and in the first week I love seeing almost a pound fall off each day .... hmmm, I do know it fluctuates and shouldn't be disappointed when it goes up.

I'll fit in some healthy extras - I do need to get a healthy way of eating established. Off I go to see what I'll have as well today.

Thanks again for the replies

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