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using syns for chocolate

I fell off the SW wagon awhile ago but now i'm back on :D

I've been using my syns for snacks.
I tend to have a packet of quavers for lunch (5 1/2 syns)
and I have a kit kat in the evening (5 1/2 syns)
This only totals 11 syns so I'm within my limit.
Everything else I eat is either free or one of my HEX.

Should I be using my syns in this way?
Will eating choc & crisps affect my weight loss?
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at this moment i am sucking on a curly wurly (5 syns) kept in the fridge so it lasts longer. if i want a packet of crisps i get quavers.
I dont tend to use syns for 'normal' food, as these are for treats, anchor spread, extra light mayo, choccie etc.
If i didnt i would just cheat and i find its the best way for me.
last time i did slimming world i did it this way and lost 2 stone in just over 3 months, but then we had a house fire were we lost everything so i come off it as i couldnt face it.
I will be doing the same this time, it all depends on the person, but your within your syns, and thats what there there for
Thanks for that.
I also had a hot choc worth 2 syns tonight.

With other diets I've done i've always fallen off the wagon cos i couldn't have any chocolate. so just by having a kit kat or penguin bar really helps me.


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S: 16st5lb C: 15st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 0st11lb(4.8%)
i know what you mean, i am one of these people that cant go without, so im just going to have the lowest syn choccie, because to be honest im a like a bear with a sore head if everyone is scoffing sweets and i am not just sat there peeved off ( this is when i say sod it and fall off the wagon)
Might take me a bit longer to get it off but it will come off!! oh yes lol


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Yeah I use syns for chocolate quite often. I am the same, it's the one food I can't go without so I have to allow myself to. If not chocolate I sometimes have butter, mayonnaise, little cakes such as Mr Kipling lemon slices and chocolate mousses. Most of the time I would prefer to pay the syns required for the full fat, full sugar versions than scrimp on the syns for the lower fat, lower sugar versions as I believe in a little of what you really want.

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