Valentines cheat!


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Hello All,

Am ashamed to say that I cheated last night - I REALLY didn't want to but felt as though I had no choice!

OH and daughter had taken the time to go on to the Cambridge website to look at the add a meal options so that they could cook me a Valentines meal for when I got home from work. They made me chicken, broccoli cauliflower and asparagus - and I have to say it was delicious. Trouble is he didn't take any notice of the portion sizes AND put gravy on it! I had large chicken breast and a plateful of veg.

He also bought me 6 truffles and said he thought I could have 1 a day and as "that won't hurt me" ???. I ate one after my dinner and it was so gorgeous that I knew the exsistance of the remaining ones in my cupboard would be the subject of much torture - so I gave OH and daughter 1 each and ate the other 3 so they were out of the way!

I looked at the packaging (after:p ) and they contained 150 cals EACH!!! :mad:

So - I have blown any hope of weight loss this week and my ketosis comfort blanket is gone. I'm feeling really really hungry. I usually try to hang on for my tetra at work till 2 but only lasted till 12.30 today - mind you I have got someone sitting opposite me eating pie and chips and 2 on the next group of desks eating McDonalds - so I guess is better that I reached for my tetra a little early rather than a handful of chips!

I just feel so disappointed in myself - I really had no choice but to eat the dinner after they had gone to so much effort but I shouldn't have gone on to scoff 600 cals worth of truffles to boot! I could have had my home made mint choc truffles and all 8 of them would have been less cals that 1 of the 4 that I scoffed!

Why, oh why did I do it?? :break_diet:
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Don't beat yourself up about it, what's done is done and you can't undo it. So draw a line under, accept that you may be hungry for a day or two until you get back into ketosis & move on.

Bear in mind it takes 3500 calories to put on a pound of fat, so even with your chocolates, gravy and larger portions, you shouldn't put on any actual weight, but you will show heavier on the scales as your body will refill your glycogen stores which also adds water weight, but this will soon come off again when you go back to SSing. Everything is not lost, it was a lovely gesture of them to do it for you and hopefully you enjoyed it, no point in feeling guilty now or beating yourself up.

You'll soon see those pounds fall off you again. :)


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Don't beat yourself up over it- instead be happy that your family are supportive enough to look up what kind of food you could have for a lovely Valentine's meal! One slip-up like this isn't going to turn you into the human beach ball, just accept that you had a night off and move on :)


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Don't worry about it hun. No point beating yourself up. It's done and you can't do anything about it now. As long as you're focused and ready to continue the journey, that's all that matters. The fact that you know you did wrong is a step in the right direction.

But, I must say (cause it's just the honest person I am. lol) you did not HAVE to eat it. We always have a choice. Your OH and daughter did well by checking out what can be eaten on AAM but as you said, they slipped up on the portion control. If YOU knew about the portion control, you could have taken some of the food off of your plate or left some behind. As for the truffles...hmm, we won't go there. You said it yourself, you could have just made them out of your packs.

So, it's not like you don't know wrong from's just that (like a lot of us on here) you gave in and felt the only choice was to eat. I'm the queen of falling off of the wagon. But you only slipped up for one day. You're willing and struggling through today and before you know it you will be back in ketosis. So, keep ya head up and keep on


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Thanks for you replies xxx.

I know - it was so nice of them to go to so much trouble - that's why I felt compelled to eat it! Just wish I could master not thinking "oh sod it - in for a penny in for a pound" and turning every slight slip into a binge! Beleive me- if it had been a box of 12 truffles I'd have eaten the other 6 too!

I am only half a stone off my goal weight now but have been here many times before (hence my user name!) Maintenance eludes me! I am a serial binge eater I'm afraid. I gain weight very quickly - I went off the rails for 5 days a few weeks back and gained 10 and a half pounds! My CDC thought I had weights in my pockets!

I do have to be so strict with myself (I never get away with anything!) so I know the scales will not be kind to me on Monday, I am prepared for and accept that, but as you say I just have to draw a line under it, not beat myself up about it and move on as it's when I feel disappointed in my self that I can start the more dangerous prolonged binges and I am desperately trying to break that cycle!

Thanks again for your replies.

yo-yo x