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I have been doing lighterlife for a good six months now and plan to go in to Route to Management soon.

The only thing is I have set my heart on becoming vegan (before LL I was veggie for four years).

It isn't a rash decision and I have been mulling it over for a long time now.

I was just a bit worried about Route to Management. I know you eat only protein to begin with and the vegetarian options of quorn and egg whites aren't vegan.

I don't know whether to start trying to stick to a vegan diet from the very beginning of Route to Management (which may mean I end up eating a strange diet of raw brocolli and rice cakes - I don't know!) or whether I should follow the programme stated for vegetarians up until the point where things like grains and pulses are introduced and I could have a more sensible vegan diet.

I have no idea how Route to Management works really, could someone give me some pointers please? Have anybody else decided to adopt a vegan diet?

I know it sounds like a bit leap to make but I have wanted to do switch for a very long time. Back in my old days of eating four kitkats and numerous cheese and onion pasties every day it seemed impossible but after having such a long period away from food I feel live I have a clean slate! A second chance!

Anyway, thanks for your help. =)

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You can't be completely vegan on RTM because you still have the packs and they have dairy in them.

Tofu is one of the protein options though, if you fancied eating the same thing every day.

What other vegan protein options are there? :confused:

I think being vegan is really admirable, I'm a semi veggie (was full veggie - long story!) but could honestly never be vegan, too much planning involved!