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Vegetables - which do you eat


Happy to be slim at last
Hi all

I am curious to see what veggies everyone eats. I am eating lots of the list below, but wonder if there are others I could be trying. I love veg and there are very few that I don't like.

I eat lots of the following

Courgette - love them char grilled on the george forman
Pak Choi
Salad leaves
And I also have limited amounts of the following
Red pepper

So what else do you eat and what else could I be trying?????
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Curly kale! celeriac, and water cress?


Happy to be slim at last
Yes I must get some curly kale. I really like that and I see that you do different things with it.

I do have watercress as well actually. And roquet (sp?).

I don't like celeriac or celery.
Me either, it is better though if you put it in the water when its boiling rather than heat it all up from cold - less bitter.
I eat most of the above and asparagus. Tonight my sister is having a curry night, so instead of having the rice and breads I'm going to make some creamed spinach which I will stir into her curry.
I eat all of the above, plus a really nice cabbage and leek mix that Tesco do.
Bamboo shoots - no carbs at all according to the tin and I love them in thai meals. Also, after 6 weeks hard work in the garden we're now eating home-grown courgettes! Yum.


Happy to be slim at last
Oh yes, must get some bamboo shoots and beansprouts this week.

Home grown veg, you lucky things. I am going to try growing some in containers this year.
Yes, I'm envious of the home grown veggies.. I'll be planting some Swiss chard next month once I'm sure the frosts have gone. Dead easy to grow and tastes yummy.
I think celeriac tastes like a cross between potato and turnip.


Happy to be slim at last
Ooh am with you there Jools on veg in Jim's curry. I love all types of veg in it.

DDT, I also hate celery and found that it had a very similar taste myself. But you should give it a go and see for yourself.


Happy to be slim at last
Go on, give it a try :D. You might like it. There is another member who doesn't like celery but celeriac is her new favourite veg. I dare you to try it!!!!
I like to do celeriac "Chips". Quite a good substitute.


Happy to be slim at last
Will have to try turnip wedges. Turnip is my new found veg that I love. I like it in a curry with cauli and brocolli. Then serve with grilled fish. Yum!!!!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
I like to do celeriac "Chips". Quite a good substitute.
tell me how jim !!!!:D
had it for the 1st time sunday , part boiled chunks then roasted them with the chicken ,mmmmm looked just like real roasties and they werent bad at all , right texture just a different taste :0) will defo use it more , according to my collins gem carb counter , celariac carries no carbs when the fibre is deducted .

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