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Vegetarianism and New House....

....Two very random things I know....!

Basically I watched 'Gordon's Great Escape' last night and was HORRIFIED at the animals he ate and how they were murdered and eaten. I felt so physically sick that ive decided to become a vegetarian, how long it will last is anyones guess but i'm certianly going to try!

To be honest I think I would have become a vegetarian sooner or later as i'm moving house in a few weeks so wont be able to afford meat so will probably live on pasta and 18p jars of sauces from Asda for the forseeable future anyway!

SW on a budget + Gordons great escape = Vegetarianism!
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The Big One
I saw some of that programme and it was vile, made me glad I was already veggie. Good luck with your new meat-free life! (and the move x)


Trying again in 2012
I didn't watch, the trailer for the few days before made me feel queasy!


Gold Member
didn't see it but I watched all the episodes of that "kill it, cook it, eat it" thing that was on last year or so..
saw everything meat wise from farm to plate ( well all the usual stuff, no ostrich or anything like that, but beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey etc.. )
Oh good for you. It is awful how animals are killed by us. It's crual the way it is done. After watching a ch 4 programme years ago I felt sick and upset. I was already not eating meat by that time, but if I was a meat eater I would have become a vegetarian right then.

There is a vegetarian section in the healthy eating forum. Got recepies ect..

Good luck!:)

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