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vent the anger


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Sorry to hear you have had a bad day Hannah!:hug99:

However you do need to have your shakes and drink your water.

Well done on not turning to food as it does not solve anything.

Love Mini xxx


This is the last time!!
I had a day like that yesterday. Someone in work is driving me to utter distraction, so I was fired up anyway. But after my weigh in I had to go shopping and I lingered around teh Pizza aisle just a little too long for my liking. However, I didn't give in to it, and it made me realise how much I use food as a crutch in every aspect of my life. If I am happy, I eat, if I am sad, I eat, fed up = eat and so it goes on. Glad to be breaking the habit.
Pat yourself on the back, you should be very proud xx
Stay strong, your doing this for you and will feel so much better. Do something to distract yourself. Your doing fantastically well and half way to target, be proud of yourself no one got you to this point but you.

This is the best place to have a bit of a rant and vent it all out we all have bad days and understand how hard it can get sometimes. (the reason im a heffer in the first place lol)

Take care, Lisa x
oh thankyou everyone sometimes i think you lot on here are the only sane people in the world. i felt really proud of myself until today when the worlds most horrible man decided to speak to me like dirt "you guessed it i work in customer services" and i felt really rubbish again but you know what i might be overweight but i can diet and hes a git and he cant change that!! so i win!
weight in day for me tomo everyone so will keep you posted :)


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When someone treats you like that it says a lot about them and who they are.

Try not to dwell on it...

You have done well to stay strong:hug99:

Good luck with weigh in tomorrow!!!

Love Mini xxx


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Hey hannaboo - where abouts are you? (see you are in southampton). I am not a million miles from you - on the southampton side of Fareham!


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Hope you are feeling better hun.
good luck at Wi.
Heeey I live in Southampton too. Can I just check something... are you SSing? And is your ticker right? Cos if so I am pretty sure you shouldnt be on SS at your BMI... at BMI 25 I believe we are supposed to work up the plans as it is unhealthy to be on a VLCD when below BMI 25 (something about the body starting to draw energy from its lean tissue i.e. muscle)...

Just wanted to check cos don't want you getting poorly :) maybe one day we should have a Soton meet seeing as theres a fair few of us local to the area and as far as I'm aware there havent been any down here for a looooong time?!

i only did ss for two weeks then went on holiday and ate the
whole week, i put on 5 1/2lb on hols and i was 11.5 1/2 when i got back from hols so now im just doing ss for about 2 weeks to shift the holiday weight and a few extra pounds before i go onto the next step. i did lose 10 1/2 lb on my weigh in yesterday so im nearly there anyway. thankyou for your concern though and any advice is welcome im still pretty new to the whole c/d thing !!
yes a southampton meeting would be great i know there is someone else her screen name is bish bosh and she is located near soton too, my partner andy is also doing c/d so it would be great to meet and share stories!!
Yayy, why dont you post on the Meetings and Events forum and test the water to see who would be up for a Southampton Minimins meet?

Sounds like you have a good plan there hun, well done on getting so close to goal, just that last push to the finishing line but its so important (I should know, I have been there and fallen at the last hurdle, never fully made it and then put the weight back on as a result!!), we will do it tho!!


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