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Very down in the dumps!

Hello, I started on Xenical 2 weeks ago and I have actually put weight on, what on earth am I doing wrong.
I have given my full fat milk up and now eat Breakfast, dinner and tea, all healthy as instructed by my Dr, I have started zumba too and am already a very active person owning my own tearoom, any advice would be great.
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S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
what kind of food do you eat in the day? do you drink plenty of water? Maybe your building muscle from the zumba, dont forget that weighs more than fat!! I was doing exercise everyday and put on weight this week
Hi Rach, thanks for replying..Breakfast I have 2 weetabix or Bran flakes, Lunch I have lots of vegetables with Chicken an one Potatoe and for teatime a Pitta Bread with Ham, chicken or Tuna, I snack on Fruit and snackajacks if still hungry, I was never one for breakfast and it has been hard to adjust to eating breakfast, Zumba is once a week, but sadly I missed this week as I have a cold, first one in 6 years! lol, my work day starts at 6 in the morning and I am still working till 11 or 12 at night, so my days are really hectic...Have knocked the full fat milk on the head and have swapped for Oolong Tea which I take black with no sweetners, just a little dishearted as I have actually put a pound on, started xenical, 2 weeks this coming Monday
S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
Has it been totm? sorry for asking but that can affect weight loss too!! Your food sounds fine though, some dont lose straight away, i am sure things will get moving for you soon,dont give up hope yet!! Do you have much wait to lose?
Not TOTM yet lovie..really baffled as every diet I have followed usually I do brilliant the first week, I know it's usually water the first few weeks but it does give you the buzz you need lol, only have 4 stone to shift lol...wondering if its the smells from my tearoom? lol..I don't and never have been tempted from the food I prepare...good job really lol
S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
you probably get fed up of seeing the food and thats why your not tempted lol!! Have you tried going on to my fitness pal? maybe i asked you that already as you can tell my memory is gone at the moment lol!! But it really is a great site, you keep track of your food on there!! Make sure your eating enough calories, and keep drinking plenty of fluids!! I wish there was something else i could say!! But you could be surprised soon the scales may suddenly start moving down for you :D
don't be discouraged... :) - you could be gaining muscle weight ! how much water are you drinking on a daily basis ? - depending on what the weather is like there should reflect on what temp the water you are drinking should be...for example if its hot/warm weather - you should be drinking warm water as it makes your body work harder thus burning more calories and vise versa for the cold weather - you should be drinking cold water.....

odd question? but have you seen any differences in your bowel movements? - for example last week I had not gone to the bathroom at weigh in time and it made a huge difference to what the scales showed...my weigh in day is tomorrow and there will be a difference this week because of a....the weight that I actually lost from last week will show...and b the weight that I lost from this week will be relected as well

don't lose heart - the doctor told me that I should expect to see much of a difference in the first 2 weeks of taking xenical as your body needs to get used to it etc.

let us know if you have need any advise on anything :)

also - the doctor advised that I'd eat one fatty meal when i first started on the xenical to get things "going" - it worked - but make sure you are near a bathroom oif you chose to do this :)
Hi Jessica
toilet movements have been fine, twice a day lol which I have never done, no oil leakage either, what I have noticed is that I have lost inches, but why has this not reflected on the scales...my dr just shoved me the prescription in my hand and never gave me any information what so ever, so I really struggled for information..until I found you lot lol..many thanks for the info
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I'm on a repeat prescription for 6 months. Just shows the GP has faith in you. If you have lost inches, you are definitely on the right road. Good luck.
S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
To have lost inches is brilliant, well done and it will soon start showing on the scale. The inches are so important!! I go and see my doctor every month, sounds like they all do it different!!


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hiya just been reading your messages, i have taken orlistate, great weight loss in the first two weeks. then nothing at all........ in the first two weeks i didn't even try. then i thought to myself step it up a bit do more excersise. i have lost anything in weeks, according to the scales. but my clothes are much looser.
my doctor also gave me the prescription and i'm on my own with them.

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