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very pleased with myself!!!!


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Yay! Well done you two!


soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
Well done. Your doing great. Keep up the fab work. x


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Well done both of you! What an inspiration! x


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great work well done. Really wierd that i jsut got back from weigh in too lost 4.5 pounds and total now 5 stone too !!!
Welll done you!!! thats amazing too..
You have done so well and Im very proud of you!! x:):) you are so near where you want to be you will be there before you know it. xx


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That's so good...........well done. So, what are your tips then? You're a pro at this now :0) xxx
My tips are (this is not advice just things i found worked for ME!!)

......learn about "legal cheating" and dont take the diet to seriously (meaning....dont beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon or dont have a great loss every week)
Dont get me wrong i have stuck to the diet and the first 2 weeks i was 100% rigid on SS but now i am more relaxed, i eat chicken and veg most nights, a coke zero when i really need a sugar kick and if i am feeling a bit bad (i.e TOTM) I induldge in a little (actually a bowl full) of sugar free jelly (which apparently you aint allowed but it works ok for me!!) i dont get depressed if i have a poo week, i just wait to see the results in the following weeks, I moisturise my skin every night.....and i love buying new clothes!!! YOU MUST write your reasons for wanting to do this diet and refer to them whenever you feel its getting to hard.

The biggest motivation is the comments you receive......wait for them because they are worth it!!!!

today someone told me "they reconised the face but they didnt reconise the body" the guy said "i thought who is this fit young woman walking up my drive??.....":D

sorry i dont think i have said WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO FOR A WHILE!!!!!



can see the end in sight!
Kelsocool that's fab!! Well done. We seem so have a similar approach to the diet, and similar amounts lost and left to lose.. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?? It's a fab feeling. Big congrats! X
Well done both of you-5 stone is a fantastic loss!

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