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Very proud of myself..

Just wanted to share with you all, im very proud of myself today, its someone in works birthday so this morning she brought in lots of cakes, some being Eclairs, one of my favorites, and I turned them down, had a apple instead, and then this afternoon she went out and brought some cookies from Bens cookies, now for those of you that have not tried them they are seriously the best cookies around, i used to have the triple chocolate one, anyway lo and behold she brought lots of triple chocolate ones, so out of interest i went on their website to get the nutritional information, then went onto SW online to work the syns out, and OMG the triple choc ones are 20.5 syns!!!! anyway... she gave me one, and i didnt want to turn it down as i turned the cake down this morning and so i have wrapped it up, put it in my little lunch box that i bring in and i am now taking it home to the boyf! I dont even want it, i ate some pinapple instead! Well done me *claps* ha ha xx:)
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Wooo Hooo!!! Well done for not giving in to this evil temptation!

I do this whenever there is a birthday at work, I smile and thank them and then take it home for either my Daughter or Hubby!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Now thats willpower for ya!!!
Go girl


Full Member
well done you, 20 syns man they must be yummy
Thanks girls x They are gorgeous believe me, and it was hard, but i thought noooo ive not synned all day and i dont want to ruin it for 5 minutes of mouth watering pleasure ;-) xx


Will be thin god dammit!!
;)Mmmmmmm mouthwatering pleasure...
Having read you previous post (yesterday I think?) I think you've done absolutely brilliant!!! Keep going, I think for resisting all of that you are a true "legend" Well Done!! xx
ah thanks Victoria, its hard at times isnt it, but you just gotta think 'is it really worth it' you know xx


is working hard.....
OMG - 20.5 syns for a cookie?!!! Thats unreal! :eek:

But epic respect and congratulations to you for your herculean willpower. :worthy:

Go girl! xx :)
thanks girls, really pleased i resisted! I gave the cookie to the boyf and he devoured it and i can honestly say i wasnt jealous! I had my stirfry for my dinner and for his dinner he had a cookie, and a sausage left over from the bbq and that was it! naughty boy! xx
Hey, to reward yourself I found eclairs that aren't that high in syns...and taste beautiful! creamy and chocolately and hmmm pastry that isn't that thick lovely!!

Weight Watchers Taste Temptations, Belgium Chocolate Eclairs, 6 pack, frozen each

4 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 4 Syns
Green 4 Syns

Enjoy! x x x

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