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Very sad and frightened - maybe goodbye for now


One day at a time!
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Hi everyone

Just wanted to post to say that I may be absent for a while. Have just had awful news that my husband has incurable cancer and I guess CD has suddenly become a whole lot less prominent in my life. I doubt I'll be posting very much just now but I will look in when I can. I'm not sure whether I will continue with my CD journey although I'd love for my other half to see me slim and fit. At the moment there are too many unknowns but one thing I DO know is that I don't feel like eating and I know that I must keep healthy and CD has all the nutrients to keep well so I may well keep drinking the shakes.

I'd like to wish everyone well with their CD journey and want to say thanks so much for all your support and encouragement so far - I hope to be back sometime.
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im really so sorry to hear that ,, you must be devastated :( .. im really not to good with words but i can imagin yr pain right now :( really im so so sorry


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I'm so sorry to hear your news and I know how frightening it is. Take good care of yourself and your husband. We're all here if you need a shoulder. xxxx.


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I really dont know what to say.. am so sorry, i know how sad the situation is but i know you will pull through..am sending big (((hugs))) ur way.


please try again
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oh hun, so sorry (((H)))


100% all the way!
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Minxie thats not good news :-(

My thoughts are with you and your family......take care xxxxx

lunar jim

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Sorry to hear this Minxie, dunno what to say really, I've re-typed this three times to avoid sounding like a tit!

Thinking of you


Stubborn tortoise
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Minxie, don't know you really hun but my heart goes out to you. Sending some stay-strong wishes and a hug.



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Wishing you both strength and peace at this time in your lives

None of us know you personally but we all share the same goal and feel we are as 'one' in a sense :)

Big virtual hug x x x


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I am so sorry you and your family have had such awful news darling and tbh don't know what else to say, except this is a support forum and if you need to post for support through this then you must do so hon.

I am praying for you all

Much Love

JS xx


Cambridge Consultant
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((((Minxie)))) big hugs to you hon....
My love and thoughts are with you and your husband at this time..
I am so so sorry to hear your news... take care of each other and we are all here for you hon...
Love & thoughts Marissa x


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i am really sorry to hear your sad news......enjoy every moment you can together.....my thoughts are with you both xxx


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sending lots of love xx

The Rose

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Hi Minxie
Thank you for sharing this sad news with everyone here on the forum. It must have been hard for you to hear this terrible news and very brave of you to write it down, and tell us all here. I am so sorry, please keep us informed of how you are coping, and stay on here for support through these hard times. We have a multitude of experiences and sadness in our own lives, and may be able to give you that much needed shoulder to cry on.
Lots of Love and Hugs Rosie xxx