Very sad news :-(


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Our lovely Snowy died Last night. He was hit my a car or lorry on the road. He was only a baby... 7 months old and we are all devastated. He was my son Cory's cat and he hasn't stopped crying, mind you I've shed plenty of tears also. Rhiannon keeps saying she can't believe he is gone. My neighbour found him and he will help me bury him as my husband is out of the country with work. I couldn't handle seeing him. RIP my beautiful Snowy




Oh Pip {{{hugz}} I'm really sorry to hear that....she was such a cutie...hope that you and the kids are soon able to find some peace. xxx
Oh hun - I'm so sorry for your loss!

How horrendous for you all - thinking of you and sending you all lots of love
I am very sad to hear of poor snowy he was a lovely and the kids look so happy with him.

Very upsetting for you all and please accept my deepest sympathy on his passing as our pets mean so very much to all of us.


Love Mini xxx
Pip -I'm so sorry for you and poor Snowy. It is awful when we lose our pets - but the comfort is that Snowy was a much loved and I'm sure pampered puss.

Take care, and love to your kids too.
I'm so so sorry to hear this. I hope you are okay and managing to cope with the kids being upset.
so so sorry for you. Sending you cyber hugs for you and your kids. x