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Very very naughty (not at all inspirational)

S: 12st8lb G: 9st0lb
Well I went for my weigh in today on week 8 and lost 4.18lb! Most ive lost since week 1 and yes ive been naughty again! I cheated by eating at pizza express!!! and a slice of home made bread. I know i'm not being a very good role model for the new starters but why is it we cant eat anything? Ive cheated 1 day per week for the last 3 weeks and ive managed to lose more than I did before I cheated. I have made sure im careful with the amount I eat and that i stop soon as i begin to feel full. I'm getting towards the end of the diet now. 10lbs to go and 3 weeks left and I feel having an eating day is the only thing keeping me on the diet at the moment. it does make me hungry for the next couple of days and its horrible but as long as i stick to the diet for the rest of the week it seems to work, I dont know, dont listen to me im very naughty :break_diet:
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Yes you are, and all you newbies dont listen she is a very naughty girl,
Well done on your loss though, but I wouldnt get use to your unusual dieting technique!


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Polar bear that is very naughty honey!! Well done and im glad this has worked for you but most people would find that it doesnt and can kick start massive binge eating..ask Lil and pineapple for example! Good luck! xx


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i started nibbling a few weeks back and it really doesnt help in the long run you just feel crap and dont lose as much as you could,ive stopped now and feel fab ive even stopped smoking xx


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S: 15st7.5lb C: 12st7.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st0lb(19.31%)
Well done lillie on giving up smoking, hope its not beating you up too much
very naughty! Dont do it hun - its a slippery slope trust me. You may have got away with it so far but it wont be like that all the time. It is not retraining your mind to think differently about food which is what you need to do. Losing the weight is the easy part - keeping it off is the difficult bit. I think by cheating and getting away with it you will struggle to maintain. Take it from one who has been there!! Good luck :)

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hiya, i think this could be a slippery slope but if you only got 10lbs left why dont you start maintainence with your 2 shakes and a small meal surely this will help get ou in to a more normally eating pattern, it will stop you feeling guilty and you will still lose weight look at tracyJ posts. it may take you a couple of weeks longer but the whole idea of the diet is to retrain your way towards food or you will slipp back into your bad habits and put the weight back on so fast and i know you dont want that.....

have a think about maintainece x

sam x


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you are very naughty lostpolarbear! I think you should let gary give you a spank to show how naughty you have just been ;)
S: 12st8lb G: 9st0lb
wow well done Lillie for giving up smoking! You must feel tons healthier! I agree it can be a slippery slope but as I only have 3 weeks to go I think I will just stick to my naughty but nice 1 day per week treat. It is true I probably wont lose as much as I would have done without eating but i'm finding because i'm getting to the end I have less will power. Also when I have eated i've done the paul mckenna rules, ive eaten very slowly and chewed the food properly, ive tasted the food instead of scoffing it down without noticing the taste, I have stopped when i'm beginning to feel full and it really works. I eat 70% less than I did and I feel full but not stuffed. Its brilliant and I'm ready to eat again without worrying that i'm going to put it all back on. I know i'm in control now and its very comforting!! It probably would be better going on maintanance but I only have 3 weeks left so I will just start that after refeed.

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