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very worried - advice needed please???...

hi guys this isnt related to dieting but in know someone will be able to help me on here. Im half way through my cycle and this morning i got up and there was lots of blood when i went to the loo, i also have dull lower stomach cramps, feels like period pain, but not due on for another 2 weeks!! i went straight to the docters and he seemed to think i could be having a miscarriage!!!!! me and hubby are sooo carefull with contraception, we desperatley want a baby this year but are not trying just yet... i dont know what to think now!! so i went and bought a test and it said negative, but would its say negative if i was having a micarriage??? oohhh helpp:confused::cry:
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Hi, I'm not medically trained or anything but I would think it could show as negative if your hormone levels were too low to sustain a pregnancy. xxxx (Hugs)
so theres no way of really knowing if it is or not then???


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oh how awful for you, no advice really. Went through something similar before I had my daughter, wasnt nice at all and I really didnt know how to feel.

What I would say is that I have been told by a number of people that a lot of women miscarry their first pregnancy, but a lot of the time they dont even know they are pregnant. Not sure that the tests are reliable as they need to detect a certain amount of hormones, which may not be there.

Take it easy for a couple of days and see how you feel. If your still passing blood go straight back to the doctor. Dont worry about your future plans either, at the time, my doctor told me that it was basically just one of those things and unlikely to affect me having children down the line.
yeah he did say that. im just not convinced it is a miscarriage??? from what ive heard you have lots of blood, which i did have a lot this morning but has slowed right down now, just left with the heavy cramp??? im soo confused


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I only had a lot of blood for a while, really bad cramps though. I would imagine it depends on how far into the pregnancy you were. UNfortunately, my docs advice was that unless I wanted to go to hospital for tests there would be no way to really know. I was in shock when my doc told me thats what was wrong, I didnt know what to think because I wasnot expecting it but had been ill a few weeks before. He took loads of details about the type of cramps and type of blood and clots etc and examined me before he said it was a miscarriage.

Seriously, take it easy, and if it is something that is worrying you, I was pregnant with my now 8 yr old 5 months later.
Hiya hun, regarding the pregnancy test, it will show negative even if this was a miscarriage as they don't detect the hormones this early, if you have had a miscarriage you will still have the hormones in your system but only a lab test would show this.

I would try not to worry too much as actually 75% of pregnancies end in miscarriage! I know that may sound shocking but statistically women tend to lose pregnancies before they even know about it as it just happens so early before their period was due anyway.

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