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Vicky's final weight loss diary!

Here I am, so mad with myself, for not sticking to this diet when i first started:mad:

But theres no point in kicking myself now, whats done is done!

So I have set myself a new restart day for Monday 5th November 2007! And this time I am very determined to stick to it! I now have my laptop running wireless again, so Im not sat in the kitchen all day long! Also I have a gym buddy! So thinkgs are finally coming into shape.....Just wait for my body to catch up heehee

Its not that I eat when im hungary, its through boredom i think!?!?!?

So going to start and be more active !

speak laters to all of you, and thankyou for all your support xxx

It is really appreciated! x:p
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Queen of the Damned
Wishing you all the best for your restart :cool:


Silver Member
Well done Yummy Mummy for your restart

We all eat for many reason ~ very rarely through hunger !!! You sound very motivated ~ no looking back just stay focused on the future and your ever decreasing body tee hee

Love Love


Queen of the Damned
Good luck - get your water in the fridge so you're ready! :)
Day 1


Monday 5th November 2007

Here goes day 1!
Up to yet ive done 60 minutes waliking, had 2 black coffee's to wake me up, Not had my first shake yet, having it at lunch time, when i have fetched kenzie from nursery, then whilst they having their lunch, i am too heehee!!

Just finished my 2nd cup of coffee, then going to start on my water! phew, toilet runs will be blessed today

Speak soon x
Watch this space for new and updated ticker-5/11/07
New restart for the rest of my life to change
1:Lose 14lbs by 24th Nov
2:Drop 2 dress sizes by 20th Dec
Day 2 & 3 (together)

Day 2& 3 combined!!

As you can probably tell from my title, I didnt log in on day 2:eek:
Naughty me! But Just to let you all know I did brilliant....I am really pleased with myself just recently...Cannot believe how good I have been.....Just goes to show you, when you really want something and you stick to it, you CAN achieve the results!!!!

I am that proud, i have treated myself today........................ to a haircut hehe

Its a gift of hubby for my birthday tomorrow(hinthint)

Any ways day 3 going just as well!!!

hope to be on laters x:D
Day 4

Day 4

Hello all, Well its my birthday today, so not gonna stick fully today, mama made me a choc cake, so gonna be good all day and have a piece with kids tonight!! Speak soon (not dropping out , dont worry, but kids have put candles on, and mamas choc cake is out of this world!!!):rolleyes:
Day 5

Hello all, Back in the land of liquid days lol
Had a really nice birthday yesterday....even brought some new jeans, in a size 22, not 24 like normal!!!

Really pleased with myself too

I also tried a coat on in evans?!?!? Cant get my head round their sizes tho
The coat I tried was a 22, But this time last year they were 28/30......Have I really lost that much weight, or have they sorted their sizing out?!?!?!?

But wether the less, it was a 22!!! A coat....That actually fits ME! That I can fasten up......... wow

Had a nice warm choc shake for brekkie, was freezing!!! Seem to be struggling today with my water, but will see it through!!! Will pop back on in a while xxxx


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