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Visits to CDC - how often do you go now??


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I only have a small amount to lose now, but I still go to my CDC every Thursday. I just wondered how many maintainers or near-maintainers still visit their CDC and whether they go every week. I know that the last few pounds are not going to be a short term fix (I've lost 6lbs in a week on SS in the past) but it's not about that now as I'm easing back into 'normal' eating.
Having stayed the same last week, I wonder if I would do myself more favours by weighing in every 2 weeks to see more of a long term change, or a trend, rather than a definite weekly loss.
I would be interested in finding out when others cut down their visits to their CDC. My lady is fab, and I enjoy seeing her but I would rather lengthen my visits now than risk getting demotivated when the scales don't move every week.
How have y'all done it yourselves?
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Hi - As soon as I went on 810 I extended my weekly visits to every 2 weeks and then once I was on 1000 it was every 4 weeks (or so). Now I see her once every 6 weeks or so whenever I want to buy some packs. I don't like to go too often as it becomes a motivation and as it's not one I can sustain long term (as I have no plans of seeing her every week for the rest of my life!) I really tried to get used to longer breaks between visits.

Well done on getting so close to goal! It's great, isn't it!


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I am at goal now just pushed myself to stay with cd to get rid of a few more pounds.! But from next week as i have only 4 lbs to go plan to go every 5-6 weeks for weigh check and stock up on bars, as i will carry on having the bars in my diet on WW.! will count the points for them.x


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Thanks for the replies - I didn't think about the aspect of using the visits as a 'control' and having to let go sooner or later but that's a valid point too. I know it's not a race to lose the last few pounds, in fact I would rather lose at half a pound a week or thereabouts, so that the transition to maintenance is not so noticeable as being 'on' a diet and then 'finished' with the diet.
Well done on getting so close to goal! It's great, isn't it!
Hi Alli, yes, it does feel good - and having set and smashed a couple of higher targets on the way down, I never thought I would ever be in this position.....:D


Hey there hun

I dropped down to once a fortnight when I reached 1200, I kept it at that until I reached goal weight. I stopped visiting when I reached goal and no longer needed packs. Although my CDC would have been more than happy for me to keep popping in for weigh ins personally I was keen to make the break from CD and move into maintenance.

I think you do whatever feels right and comfortable for you. As you move through the plans I think it is natural to not feel the need to go every week.