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vlcd diet again!!!!!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by miss vlcd38, 7 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    Well im back with 13st 7lbs on the scales hoping to get down into the 10st something range.

    Im on day 7 and ive found it relatively easy even tho during the start of the diet i supected bf of cheating on me. Even with all that drama going on ive stuck to diet with no cheats!

    I see cheating as adding an extra week to the weight losd phase.

    So i thought a diary to post my ramblings in and ups and downs.

    Feel free to comment :)
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  3. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    well weigh in today and ive lost 8lbs which im pleased about im now weigh 12st 13lbs so 2st and 6lbs to target.

    i started back at the gym today and ran 2k on running machine and did 2k on rowing machine its a start and im feeling rather good about myself

    not really having any problems at the moment as im mixing up the packs well so that i dont get bored.
  4. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    Just wanted to post that I'm on day 10 and not feeling hungry at all and just plodding along doing the diet and I'm not finding it a struggle at all

    I attended karate last night which I loved can feel it in my muscles today from the warm ups. But that's definitely something I'm going to Persue for fitness.

    I'm off out clubbing Saturday and can't wait to get on the dance floor and dance the night away on water :)

    I'm feeling very focused and determined. Hopeing for a good loss of Tuesday so hope scales start moving some more soon :)
  5. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Well done on being in a great head space :)
  6. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    Thank you

    Well its friday night and everyone is eating chip shop chips so the smell of salt and vinegar is strong and to top it off some are saying they dont want it arggg could easily eat it but instead ive got my can of coke zero and im drinking that.


    Well im hoping for 3lbs loss this week so shall stick to plan to achieve this
  7. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Hey :) well done for getting so far ur doing great keep it up!!!

    Ahhh chippy tea!! Never mind u don't need it, so not worth it :D


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  8. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Good will power!! Think I might struggle this weekend, just hope the boyf doesn't wanna go out for steak tomorrow!! Xx
  9. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    Thank you.

    Yes today I feel better it was a hard night as bf had the hump too so I went upstairs and watched a movie out the way of it all.

    Today is a new day so roll on the weight loss. :)

    I'm out tonight clubbing on water and no cheating :) I can do that easy as I have in the past
  10. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Awww men eh!!

    Oooh good luck tonight! I've done a few of them nights too, I actually enjoyed them more, hangover free lol have a lovely time! Xxx

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  11. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    Some weekends are hard. I'm finding mine isn't making it easy for me at all.

    I've woken to the smell of bacon and he's still in a hump. He constantly talks about food to me when I'm on this diet as he doesn't really think I should lose any weight.

    But I'm stubborn and he can try to get me to quit but I won't ill be a size 10 in a few months.
  12. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    Yes I've done a few like that before and it makes for a cheaper night and like you said you feel great next day.

    I'm looking forward to having a good old dance the night away
  13. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    You sound very determined! that's Hal. The battle. My bf is cooking his brekky now. I'm holding out for a while, just having a cuppa. Now he's eating biscuits. Nice

    I so want to lose this weight! So I'm not giving in!! X
  14. x_kerry_x

    x_kerry_x Full Member

    Well done so far missvlcd uve done fab! I've hot a baby shower tonight and there's gonna be drink and food everywhere but I'm going to stay strong and take a chicken salad with me I think to tide me over!
    Hope the bf thing is ok now... I'm on day 12 today but 2 days ago we had massive problems and I thought he had a child with someone else... Devastated me an still does but instead of turning to food I done the opposite and Didnt haven't anything... Eventually forced a shake down me so I didn't spoil the diet!
  15. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Well done miss vlcd!

    I have a chip shop literally 30second walk from my house and we were walking back from our evening walk and the boyfriend was going on and on about it until I had to say 'you aren't helping me here!' tssskk.. usually he is very supportive, but I think slim people really see being overweight as a weakness that they can take advantage of as a power trip when they feel insecure or unhappy. It's not on, and I just feel empowered by carrying on 100%. Mwahahaha.
  16. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    Well done on staying strong its hard when the other half bes an idiot i found mine on dating sites its long story but he started on me this morning from last njght so another big argument but im staying strong on diet and im out clubbing later so shall dance my worries away
  17. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    High five to you for staying strong

    Mine isnt that supportive as he doesnt want me to lose weight i was told if i went back to a 10 id be on my own lol.

    Oh well ill go back to an 8 to 10 how i used to be.

    I woke to the smell of bacon sandwiches grrrrr

    Water water water and more water i can do it :) we all can do it
  18. x_kerry_x

    x_kerry_x Full Member

    Oh no.... My ex done the same, I think sometimes they like to he reassurance from other girls that they have still got it! Stupid cus they go about it the total wrong way! I hope u sort things out...
    Just been to asda and made oh by some angel cake slices cus I love them and can't have them so he has too lol it's my way of coping, weird I know but I turn into a complete feeder on this diet!!
  19. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Ooooh, that's so harsh :mad: I hope you prove him wrong!!

    Even negativity can be turned into a motivator, but would have been better if he supported you huh..

    I'm worried my boyfriend will start getting insecure when I have lost a good chunk of weight, he is insecure anyhow, but this might make him less supportive. I'll give him the benefit of doubt for now though as he has been supportive so far, but I'm thinking it's all a show, especially as he went on about the chip shop so much!! :confused: haha.

    Anyhow, hope you get through the weekend ok.

    Gem x
  20. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    You are doing great

    Easy for me to say I know, but remember you are a person with real value and deserve to feel happy and healthy, don't let anyone make you feel otherwise.
  21. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    thought i would update everyone

    well i decided to drink alcohol that saturday as felt a bit on the crappy side anyway so i knew i had to eat something because of ketosis.
    anyway i had a lovely night out and next day mostly slept didnt eat much really and thought to myself that i need to get back on track with this weight loss.

    so i decided to start the paleo diet as i had read a lot of stuff about it so ive just completed my first week and shocking that i lost 8lbs which means so far this year i am down 1 stone rather pleased with myself

    hope everyone is doing great and losing all them unwanted pounds x

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