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  1. MinnieMee

    MinnieMee New Member

    Hi all, I'm new to this so I'm sorry if this has already been asked but I wondered if anyone has tried their own version of a VLCD? I tried some of the meal replacements from a few brands but I couldn't stomach the food or the shakes. I thought about doing my own version based on around 650 cals per day with 50-60g of carbs along with vitamin tablets. Has anyone else ever tried this? X
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  3. MinnieMee

    MinnieMee New Member

    Apologies, I just read that home made diets under 800cals are against forum rules. Can anyone suggest a brand of VLCD that I could try that I might actually like lol?
  4. lorpfasun2

    lorpfasun2 Member

    Slim and save is good
  5. Lakeke

    Lakeke Member

    The new you plan is great.(UK & Ireland)
    I can't get that here in Australia so I'm trying Optislim. Just on day 2 and they don't taste amazing but are very filling.

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