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voices in my head


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I can't believe how much im struggling. Im a restarter and last time I was a 100% committed but I am struggling so much. There is a voice telling me to go to the cupboard and eat all the biscuits and start again but I keep stopping myself because I don't want everyone to say I told you you wouldnt keep it off. I keep telling myself that the nicer weather is coming and lots of nice things planned but when I want to eat it's like something takes over me and ignores what is right. I feel weak and so annoyed with myself. I try to explain to my hubby what it's like and he thinks its strange and if i want to eat make something nice and healthy. Is this just a bad habit I have aquired over the years or is there something wrong with me. Im not sure why food rules me so much. Sorry for the depressing post.:sigh:
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No need to apologise hun, we all have our down days, and especially so early on in a diet. You just have to think of the positives, and what you REALLY want and try to shut out the chatterbox in your heard.

Now is the time to do it, while it is still cold, and we are all wrapped up in our winter layers - you can emerge like a beautiful butterfly just in time for the summer sun x x x


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Awww hun, there is nothing wrong with you whatsoever! Im re-starter too and im finding it difficult second time round well. your not crazy i get the little thought in my head aswell, saying "oh go on just have a little, it wont do you any harm" I get as far the fridge then i pull myelf together. You have to remember your doing this for u and that when were done, we can have food again, but first we must have patience and use the time to evaluate to why we didnt crack maintennce first time round, its no easy walk through the park but eventully we will get there :) my other half says exactly the same thing, but we know this work for us. Youre not weak, were all human and its natural instinct to eat. Hang in there hun, it will be sooo worth it, you know when were slimmer and even more gorgeous!

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I hear you Copog and you are not alone. I started LT in October and was breezing through it 100% to the letter until my dad died. Then for 5 weeks I would start the day with LT and end it with shortbread, indian takeaway, popcorn or just anything that was in the cupboards (mostly shortbread =/ )

I knew I was sabotaging my efforts and I really wanted to stop but I just couldn't, the desire to eat, and to eat unhealthily, for comfort food, was so overwhelming I just gave into it. I knew what I was doing, I knew I'd have to wait longer to get to my goal as a result but at the time that food fix was just too powerful for me to ignore.

However, that said, I didn't give up hope that the day would come where things would click back into place and I'd regain my motivation and my willpower because, lets face it, the first week or two on LT is certainly not a walk in the park, its sheer determination that gets you through it until you're basquing in the bliss of ketosis.

Don't give up hope. Every day try to make the start, do your best, if you give in then it's not the end of the world, you'll get there. I think what I'm trying to say is sometimes you just have to give your body what it wants until it's ready to undergo the rigourous regimin LT puts it through.

Focus on your goals, get your reason for doing LT (your WHY) firmly implanted into the front of your mind, browse the before and after photos on the success thread in the main Minimins forum, do whatever it takes to start building up that determination again. You found it once and you WILL find it again.

Don't be hard on yourself, our food demons are extremely powerful and take a long time to overcome, if they didn't we wouldn't all be here and on LT battling them heh ~.^

Another tip I'd give you is keep coming to the forum, even if you're not on LT, read through the posts and gather inspiration from those who are succeeding and those who are struggling but battling on, determined to win the fight and before long you'll find yourself back into the routine of LT, or whatever diet you decide to choose to lose the excess weight.

Best of luck to you, it's certainly not easy but the rewards are so worth it. You'll get your focus back I'm sure of it, in the meantime don't beat yourself up over it instead make a promise to yourself that you will do your very best each and every day.



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Thank you Eclipse and J-lo
I have just had a shake and will continue to fight my weakness. If I take one day at a time and hopefully grow stronger. I know if I give in the temporary feeling won't last and I will regret it. I need to break this vicious cycle. Many thanks for your support:)


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What a lovely post thank you for taking time to write such positive words. The food demons are powerful. Your right you need the right frame of mind to do LT and sometimes our body tells us to eat. I must keep logging on for inspiration and not disappear from the forum when I need it most. xx:)
Don't be sorry - we've all been there. As Cookeh says you are just at the mercy of your food demons - and it is a real and powerful addiction that you (and the rest of us) are trying to overcome.
How long is it since you restarted? Just asking because if it's only been a few days you might not be in ketosis yet. If that's the case you'll certainly feel better when you are.
Try not to give in if you possibly can.

Good luck



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Thanks dunlop,
The support here has helped pass those feelings. I still don't trust myself but this forum is helping me with positive thoughts. I am in ketosis I am in my 2nd week, to be honest it's not hunger that im feeling its probably greed and them voices telling me to eat.
Right - if you're in ketosis then maybe you need to learn the difference between hunger and wanting to eat. I have struggled with that for years, but the beauty of LT is that your body will soon accept that food is not an option so I promise that the feelings will pass (as long as you don't give in to them).
Give some serious thought to cognative behavioural therapy too (maybe talk to your doctor). These are serious addictions we all have and we all need to take them seriously. We must not be dismissed as weak willed greedy fattys!!

All the best lovie. You CAN do this thing!



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aww Copog you are very welcome. I don't have the time to post here as much as I used to, or as much as I'd like to, but when I read a post like yours I just have to respond. I think too many people here beat themselves up over eating, whether it be a bite of a sausage or several weeks of eating food again, and that makes me so sad. There's none of us perfect and we all have weight problems for a reason. It's extremely hard to lose weight at the best of times but with LT it's that bit harder because you are removing the natural instinct to eat and replacing it with what is technically medicine, and going against human nature's instincts is a hard battle but one which can definitely be won!

Another reason I get sad when I read these posts is because a lot of us feel really down about our weight and so the shifting it makes us feel more positive. However, when we cheat we give ourselves so much of a hard time about it that it makes us even more down, and probably leads to more eating, and more guilt, and more depressed and then more eating and before we know it we're stuck in that vicious circle of comfort eating as a way of smoothing balm over our wounds and making us feel better, but which eventually just makes us feel worse =/

Anyway, that's all beside the point I guess (sorry, I'm a bit of a bletherer hehe). You do have the inner strength required to LT, you've already proved that the last time you were on it, you'll find your way back to it when the time is right for you psychologically and I bet that when that time comes, whether it be today or in a month, there'll be absolutely no holding you back!
Hi Copog

Wise words from Cookeh and Dunlop...I don't need to add more...except maybe ask yourself why you are reaching for the biscuits, is there some other 'hunger' there as well. Sometimes the cookies (cup cakes for me ) are our ways of comforting ourselves. Maybe you need a hug. Well here's one from me "HUG" :hug99: and from the rest of us on this forum I am sure.
Hang in there gal....you can do this!!!


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Cant add anything as you have received some lovely words of support from the others!

You are certainly not alone by no means, but just keep coming on here and you will eventually re-learn how to cope without food!

Take care
Thank you for the hug candlewix. Your support is great. Hugs to you too. :hug99:xx:)

Thank you scotsmist
True, I have received some fab support and if it gets me through today even better. It is comforting that im not on my own. I certainly should tell myself to get on here more often when Im feeling like this it really does help. xxx:)

irish molly

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Your post echoes what so many of us will feel many times. I can't add to all that has been said already. Try and keep strong. Reach for the water bottle when you feel the munchies coming on. They say 80% of the time we fancy food that it is really water our bodies want, so keep sipping.

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