w/w sausages


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dawson66 said:
i was wondering where you can buy w/w sausages i went to our local morrisons today and they dont't stock them anymore:(
is there any other make of low ppoints sausages and burgers would be very grateful for any help
thanks in advance

I know of a butchers in Cardiff if this helps. 3 sausages for 1 syn

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I've found morrissons aren't gr8 for ww stuff best bet is prob asda!


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Tesco healthy living Cumberland sausages are good as are M&S low fat sausages, both have the same syn value as ww sausages. Have you tried quorn sausages?


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I can't find ww sausages anywhere. Also has anyone seen the bowyers ones? I just have quorn sausages now, really low in points and they taste really good.