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Wahhoo I got there!!!


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Well lunchtime I went for my weigh in and have now got to a healthy bmi and am no longer overweight!!!!:kissass:

So I am starting my re-feed today, i have my chicken steming in the slow cooker and after work I am going to the supermaket for salad!! Wahooo, wish me luck and I'll see you all on the refeed forum!!! But of course I'll be visiting you all loads to chat and offer encouragement!

I just want to say thanx to you all as I really couldn't have done it without this support!!!! xxxxx
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Well done !

Enjoy your chicken salad tonight.
Well done and good luck :D


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Well done :)


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fanbloodytastic missy :) bet you feel great! :D

Dont you dare desert this forum!!!!!! lol
OMG I can only PRAY that one day I can post this lol

You must be soooo proud of yourself & look absolutely stunning

Good luck with the refeed & enjoy that chicken tonight


Here we go again!
Well done Rachie. Can't wait to be a healthy BMI. I've not got long until I am in the overweight category and I can't wait.

Silly but to be overweight rather than Class III obese is great to me!
Thats fantastic, well done. Hopefully we all won't be far behind you xx
Thank you so much all!!! No beleive me - it was only 9 short weeks ago I was starting my journey, and wishing I was at this point, chatting to the likes of Ollie and Chelly etc who were doing so well and now here I am! Had my chicken salad tonight, the tomatoes were the best thing I'd ever tasted,- in fact the salad was yummy :) Chicken was nice although hard to get down took me about 20 mins to eat what was on my plate and the dog had to have the last piece of my chicken cos I'd had enough!! x
No Tanya of course I won't desert you - I'd miss u all too much and I love to follow your stories! (and of course share recipes! lol) I will post some pics soon - although I don't have very many and no full body ones as I couldn't bear to have my pic taken, all mine are face shots taken from strategic angles to alleviate the double chin (which is no longer - yippee!) xx
Well done for getting there so fast! It's great to see people getting to their targets in such a short time!
I'm hoping to re-feed in two weeks time if all goes well. Really can't wait for that chicken!
Wow well done, as Seph said it's great to see people getting to their targets in such a short time.
I can only live in hope that my weeks fly bye lol.


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Well done Rach that's brilliant! I'm very glad to hear you'll still be around.

I love watching how all you re-feeders get on - you're my next inspiration!! Enjoy! x
Ahh you are all great- thanks so much - it will be you before you know it I guarantee that! xx

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