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Waiting for weigh day


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I feel like i'm always waiting for weigh day, That just seems to be my aim for the week, just to get to weigh day without cheating and then starting all over again. Only on week 3 and i think i'm a little bored. Its because i'm not adventurous with food, on green days i have pasta n sauce or pasta with cheese. I don't have many red days and i don't eat enough free foods for EE.
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I know what you mean by always waiting ..Monday night not long to wait for me.

I dont find it boring Just do red and green days EE feel like cheating to me

I do have pretty much a freezer full of quorn products but really enjoy it


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I find it works best for Chilli but guess its not for everyone

If you do EE/red dont forget ASDA sell extra lean beef mince which is free


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Why not look at some of the recipes from the magazine, or get one of the SW books. There is so much to try - you shouldn't get bored.
This is what I've done because I'm the least imaginative person in the world when it comes to cooking - left to my own devices, I'd be on a recurring cycle of spag bol, stir fry and jacket potatoes!

I bought the 100 Food Optimising Days book at my last weigh-in, it's one of the little ones so it's only £3, and I think it's absolutely fantastic! Absolutely loads of ideas for breakfasts, lunches and teas, red and green, mix and matchable, nothing too adventurous but just loads of ideas if things start to get a bit samey and boring :)


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i have heard that Quorn is best if you leave it to marinate in a sauce overnight - the flavour of the quorn apparently goes and the flavours of the sauces take over.

Just a tip!!! xxx
I don't like the texture of quorn mince but love quorn chicken style strips and store brands own veggie mince.

You do need to use lots of things to flavour any of the veg minces. If i was doing mince and mash i would do onions, carrots, swede (or any veg you fancy diced small) some synned ketchup or tom puree and at least two oxos.
If you don't like quorn you can always try soya mince. I've chucked it in loads of stuff and it always ends up tasting great, I recommend getting it fresh/frozen over dried, unless the spices are included as I've found it can get sloppy and waterlogged if it's plain and dry from a packet.

Green days should be far more than pasta and potatoes! I do curries, dal, chilli, hoisin mince, stir fry, fry ups, soups, stews etc. Maybe look at the website for some recipe ideas?

Good luck!
Stuffed peppers - cut peppers in half, take out the seeds. Put in a baking dish and fill with a mixture of rice, finely chopped aubergine, courgette, tomato and spring onion, cheese on the top, into the oven until brown and bubbling. Very quick, very filling, delicious!!
yeah i'm always waiting for weigh day to wishing my life away really.
if you are getting bored go on the recipe thread and look though the picture thread and also theres one on the facebook group (group not page) and that one has loads.
Why not set yourself a target to change one meal, once a week? Give yourself some time to look for a good recipe (probably one without much veg in it for you!) and time to go to the shops, get everything and follow the recipe. Have something you like as a backup in the fridge/freezer/cupboard.

If you like it, you've just added one new meal option to your list of things that are good for you on SW, and if you don't, it's only one meal and you've got a backup there too.

My sister hates veggies and has done brilliantly on SW - all it takes is finding the right things! Have you used the resources on the SW website, at the group, or in the recipe sections here?

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