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morning peeps,

just a little observation i have been walking at least 5 times a week for approx i and a half hours and it has done nothing to speed up my weight loss, does anyone know why this is, im veryyyyyyy frustrated cos im normally quite lazy but like i say a hour and a half five nights a week cmon it shud be doing summit surely xxxxx

well little rant over now x
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Well I suspect it is that you are not going fast enough basically - to burn calories you need to be walking at a fairly fast pace to the point where you get slightly out of breathe. A leisurely stroll, and I'm not saying that is what you are doing, isn't going to have much impact. So perhaps a shorter but faster walk is the way to go.

But overall exercising doesn't mean you lose loads more weight - i think SW say that is will lose 1lb to 1.5lb more a month if you exercise. But it has loads of other benefits such as toning, improving stamina and improving mood that is worth persevering with. Oh, and make sure you are drinking more water considering your increased activity level.


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how long have u been walkin for? have been told that it takes a week or two for ur body to register the exercise!!!!


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Have you measured yourself? You might be losing inches still. Try to stick with it, its so good for you!


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if you've gone from couch to walking then you're most likely toning muscle and building muscle density at the same rate as you're losing fat.. so once your muscles are used to the extra exercise and don't need to repair / densify any more then you should start to see the benefits ( hence the 2 weeks lag time mentioned above.. )


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I read an article on walking the other day and it said to burn fat you need to be walking at a pace of 1 mile per 15 mins.


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Hi Corrina
When I started on the plan 5 weeks ago I walked 5/6 times a week for the first three weeks walking roughly a 2 miles each time at a fast pace. I had reasonable losses as below. The last two weeks I have been unable to do my walking due to work committments and I have still lost weight both weeks (and lost more in one week) so am baffled as to why it hasn't made a jot of difference. I am going to do it again this week so I will see what happens.


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I walk every day with the dogs. I am not sure whether it helps in getting rid of pounds but I know my legs are very toned from it. I also do yoga and callanetics and even though according to my scales I could do with losing more I am now fitting into my clothes that were tight before. I believe a lot is what you look like and what you are happy with...not always what the scales say :)
Keep it up, any exercise is going to be doing you good x


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I have 2 dogs and need to walk them seperately (one is a puller and the other walks by my side) and although I've not noticed a big difference in weight losses etc.. I FEEL fitter, and healthier and my legs are most definitely more toned.